Blazing Cerberus

I looked at some skins today that CCP had advertised.  They were nice enough, but I couldn’t justify spending the asking price.

Unexpectedly I then got distracted in game, and ended up spending a couple hours on it.

For reasons already forgotten, I set up and compared 6 PVE ship fittings in pyfa (which took a while).  I looked at passive and active tanked versions of a Caracal, Caracal Navy Issue and Cerberus.  Realising it would give me an excuse to use one of the Blaze Squadron skins, I put together a dual small shield boosted / Heavy Missile Launcher Cereberus.

Since then, I’ve been running some Level 3 missions when I found space time during the day.  The vague idea / excuse is to salvage and reprocess loot to be able to cover some of the higher end minerals I need for the Astrahus build.  Whatever makes me undock..


One thought on “Blazing Cerberus

  1. It’s interesting to consider what counts as playing EVE. I end up defining “counts” as what friends and associates who don’t play the game would call “playing EVE”. Actually logging in is most certainly “playing EVE” though to them min/maxing in pyfa is every bit as much “playing EVE”. To them catching up on r/eve is “playing EVE”. To them commenting here is “playing EVE”. I’m lucky CCP doesn’t demand a little cash of me every time I engage with their intellectual property – I’d be bankrupt.

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