Overview again..

The new PC has been all up and running fine for a month or so. There is little difference in day to day use, but hopefully the newer parts equates to reliability for a while longer.

Since last I remarked, I have trained

ORE Industrial V
Heavy Assault Cruisers V
Medium Beam Laser Specialization V
Light Missile Specialization V
Heavy Missile Specialization V
Weapon Disruption V

I am currently training Skirmish Command Specialist V, with 19 odd days left.

The Level 3 mission running is progressing. Was struck by a Gallente standings hit as I mistakenly ran a mission against that faction. I need to be a little more careful. As you would expect the Cerberus is handling them without issue. In fact, I should be able to swap out one of the dual small shield boosters.

I ran a couple of the new Gala event sites. I was caught out by the overview settings not showing half the rats, and had to warp the Cerberus out of the first site, actually overheating the shield boosters in the end to stop dipping into armour. The site despawned so I was not able to finish it. When I did return to salvage there was a Guardian Angels ship 480 km off. I aligned to a station, cleared the field, and had the rat warp off after a while. Not sure if a bug or the DEV’s are just messing with us. I ran a second site in a Gila. I like how the rat’s warp in and out to re-position themselves, meaning you can’t kite them. It does mean you keep getting “target invulnerable” messages for a while after they warp back.  I’ll have to setup something a bit meatier to run the sites in if I continue with them.  Probably not really something for newer players.

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