I though the salivating was strong

This image was posted on Twitter by @CCPQuant on the 16th of Feb.  (Ignore the S/M/L – the sizing labelling is wrong.)

It shows a count of the Hull-Reinforced Structures in the game.  Can you guess when Upwell 2.0 was released?

There was a level of humour from @CCP_Fozzie  and amongst the various comments on Twitter and Reddit, so the destruction is pleasing some.

I assume most of these are Offline structures, which have suddenly become much easier to destroy now.  An interesting reflection of the huge impact CCP’s tweaks and balancing can have as they change the ground rules.  I wonder what it will mean in the long run for structures in game – particularly for casual players.

You can watch roughly how this is unfolding on zkillboard:

Citadel Group stats


Citadel Group Losses


(Last year average monthly losses – 269.  Lost so far this month 404.)


Engineering Complex Group Stats


Engineering Complex Group Losses


(Last year average monthly losses – 227.  Lost so far this month 305.)


Refinery Group Stats


Refinery Group Losses


(Last three months average monthly losses – 166.  Lost so far this month 132.)


I will try to remember to revisit these after the month has finished.


5 thoughts on “I though the salivating was strong

    • Even though I have the benefit of the AU timezone and never being organised enough to queue posts, you still beat me to posting topics far more often than I beat you!

      Feel comfortable and good about posting however. For the first time in a long while I just looked at my site’s stats, and not many people are reading it!

      • My post is a bit different… and more wordy, since that is my thing… but I opened with that same graphic form CCP Quant. Going to have to move that. Fortunately I have a collection of exploding citadel pictures I can lead with.

  1. I am your lone WordPress Reader reader, lol.
    Interesting post, the chance of me ever anchoring a citadel as a solo player has dropped dramatically. The risk won’t outweigh the reward after the current re-balance.

    • Hey there, the WordPress.com Reader says he has 95 followers and I have started using it some lately. Somewhere I have a post brewing about how the WordPress Reader has slowly gone from being something worth scorn to actually being useful.

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