Fanfest 2018 from afar – Overview

The first day of Fanfest is done, with the second underway (when I started writing this). You can view the opening ceremony on YouTube:

There isn’t much to it – it was focused on reminiscing and thanking the players for their involvement in the first 15 years of EVE Online.

I watched the Keynote and the Triglavian Domain presentations on the EVE Online Facebook page. I’m not sure they are available elsewhere yet – but I did notice a highlights video of the Keynote on twitch. CCP seem to be trying to make these video available quicker than they did last year.

So – what was in it for Hermits?

Moving forward CCP will be focusing their development on 3 Pillars –

. Game Health, Balance and quality
. Deepening the Sandbox
. Pushing boundaries and having fun

I am all for the deepening of the Sandbox. Solo play was mentioned several times, but overall the bent was towards making meaningful decisions and impacting and being impacted by other players.

The PI interface will be improved with tool tips, visual warnings of nodes not set up fully, and overall less clicking required. There will be a Dev Blog out for it. I am looking forward to seeing how well they manage that.

There will be a new tool called an Activity Tracker. This will highlight various things in game you can achieve, and what your statistics are like in each area. Many of the metrics will be new, so even if you have spent years previously doing some tasks, your statistics might only start from when the feature goes live. As with the Agency, this tool is about trying to highlight options players have in the game that they might not have thought about before. Tying it into measurable statistics is a good idea.

Our 15 year anniversary presents were mentioned. All accounts that log in during the 30 days prior to May 6th will get

. A Shirt
. A Hat
. A Pod Skin
. An Apotheosis Shuttle and Skin

If it is an Omega account (paid), you will get in addition the Society of Conscious Thought hulls:

. A Sunesis Destroyer and Skin
. A Gnosis Battlecruiser and Skin
. A Praxis Battleship and Skin (new)

These will be given out on May 7th.

There will be a new Event – Operation Conscious Interruption. Apparently Drifters will be attacking Society of Conscious Thought locations to try and disrupt the hand out of these gifts. There will also be Drifter bases to attack. I’ll have to research what their combat abilities will be. I have stayed away from interacting with Drifters as the Battleships at least could one-shot an attacker when they got down to a certain health level, which makes attacking them solo rather pointless.

There were other non-solo related announcements. The old stations will be converted over to Faction Citadels on June 5th. By the end of the year there will be structures for Jump Bridges, Cyno Beacons and Cyno Jammers. There will be new kill reports which will include Logistics and EWAR impacts from both sides.

Of course the big announcement is the new PVE content around the Triglavian Abyssal Deadspaces. I’ll summarise what I heard in a separate post.

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