Fanfest 2018 from afar – Triglavians

The main announcement at EVE Fanfest 2018 was the release of the “Into the Abyss” Expansion on May 29th. In it will be the new PVE content related to the newly found Triglavian Race. There won’t be any images in this post, just bullet points I scribbled down while watching the Keynote and the Triglavian Domain presentations. I may have got some of this wrong.

. The new PVE sites are in Abyssal Deadspace locations
. There are different levels of Abyssal Deadspace (lower are easier, deeper are harder)
. You open a wormhole like portal to the sites using Abyssal Filaments
. Low Level Filaments will be found in Relic Sites
. Deeper Level Filaments will be found in the Low Level Abyssal Deadspaces
. You can use or sell the Filaments
. There was a suggestion you needed new equipment to access the sites. I’m not sure if that is just the Filament, or there is a module that you load the Filament into.
. You can activate the Abyssal Filaments in a location of your choice, including high-sec, aside not being too close to some structures
. It leaves a beacon that can be scanned down
. As yet no one will be able to follow you through the portal
. When you exit the site you will come out at that beacon
. It wasn’t stated, but I assume you will only be able to activate deeper level Filaments in more dangerous areas of space? Otherwise what’s the point of the beacon and being able to be ambushed when you exit? People would otherwise just always activate them in High-Sec.
. You can only enter with Cruisers (T1 Faction or T2)
. There will be no local within the site (increasing risk when you exit)
. It will have a different Camera (limiting range you can zoom out / showing a wider field of view. This will make it look better, but make situational awareness a little more difficult.
. You won’t be able to cloak or warp out. You will have to move forward.
. They are time limited once activated. When a pocket collapses you will be returned to the beacon
. CCP expect sites to be run within 15 minutes
. There are three new in space structure asset classes in the Deadspaces – Up-scaled Asteroids, Crystals and Pillars.
. There are new Nebula and effects in the Deadspaces
. Each Deadspace will have a consistent Environment / Weather effect across it. The type will be noted in the Filament description.
. There are five different weather effects – Electrical (EM resist penalty/Cap bonus), Exotic Particle Storm (Kinetic resist penalty/Scan Res bonus), Dark matter Field (could not understand penalty/Velocity bonus), Gamma Ray Afterglow (Explosive resist penalty/Shield bonus) and Plasma Firestorm (Thermal resist penalty/Armour bonus). They apply both to you and the NPCs.
. All this makes for visually stunning locations
. There will be three pockets in each Deadspace (I presume that could change down the track)
. Each pocket will have an entry and exit point. The last exits back to the beacon.
. Each pocket will have a “safe” zone, starting at around 150km in diameter. If you fly out of that zone you will start to take damage. If you fly too far your ship will be crushed.
. Most of the new space structure assets will be anchored outside of these zones giving you room to manoeuvre
. Each pocket will (can?) have localised areas of special effects, such as Bioluminescene clouds (that increase your signature size), Filament Clouds (add Cap usage to shield boosting) and new sentry type weapons that attack drones and missiles.
. The Triglavians are human in origin but unpredictable and unknown. They are considered hostile.
. There will be random NPC groups in the pockets, scaled based on how deep the site is.
. The sites will be populated by Rogue Drones, Triglavians, Triglavians with Rogue Drones supporting them, Drifters, Drifters with Sleepers supporting them, and three way fights between you, Triglavians and Drifters.
. All NPCs will use the new AI with their new tactics, including podding you. Given you can’t warp out, podding would seem to be likely in these sites.
. There will be other undocumented dangers
. CCP will use these sites to test new ideas, features, tactics and what not. Things that work well might find themselves moved into the greater game.

So – what are the rewards?

. Rewards will include new ship blueprints, skills to fly them, modules, clothes
. The new ships will be the Triglavian Demavik (Frigate), Vedmak (Cruiser) and Leshak (Battleship)
. They fit one gun – an Entropic Disintegrator. It does as much damage as a full rack of guns, and after each shot, the damage increases (up to an extra 50%). It stops operating when the target gets out of fallout range. It does Thermal and Explosive Damage.
. The ships have lots of utility high slots, and bonuses for some of these
. The ships have lots of low slots for an armour tank
. The Battleship will have one of the highest sub-cap damage potentials in the game
. You will also be able to collect new Biotech called something like Artificial Micro-tech Colonies. These will come as a module type, and can be applied once to T1/T2/Faction versions of that module. Both the Biotech and the Module are consumed in this mating / merge / process, with a new Abyssal version of the module created. The impact will be somewhat random. You might end up with something worse than T1, or something super impressive.
. There might be Abyssal Filaments to access deeper sites

These sites will be hard.

It is an interesting idea. I guess we will have to wait to see just how common / easy the Filament are to find, how dangerous the sites are to run, and after six months, what sort of price we will see for the rewards.  This is obviously content available to Hermits.

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