I Suspect Not

Real life has hit hard the last month, and I haven’t had a chance to look at all the Fanfest sessions I wanted to. I did read an article on EVENews24 the other day which had a couple things about the Triglavian sites I had not noticed or been clear on.


The extra bits:

. You can use T1 Cruisers, not just Faction and T2 cruisers. I suspected so.

. Warping, cloaking, refitting and invulnerable timers are all disabled within pockets. Missed one or two of those.

. If a player dies there will be no way to get the dropped modules back – so no bookmarks and warping back after the site de-spawns. I suspect that is a feature of consequence instead of a game decision. It might be a side effect of whatever they did to ensure no warping directly in or out of the sites.

. Pilots exiting an Abyssal Pocket will emerge with a Suspect time.

Ahhhh… and now the penny drops. A normal suspect timer lasts 15 minutes. It allows any player to attack you without penalty or consequence in any area of space. Given local disappears when you enter these sites, if you don’t have an Alt or friend watching the beacon point, your exit could be blindly into the waiting arms of ambush.

You can tell it is the same people pulling the design strings at CCP.

(** I have not as  yet found the source of the Suspect Flag detail to check for myself.  Black Pedro helpfully commented that it was apparently not as yet set in stone.)

There is still information required to assess the risk of these sites. What sort of ship / bling fit do you need to fly them? Can you run them in cheap throw away hulls that you don’t care if you lose? How do players know there is a beacon in space? Does it come up on the Probe Scanner window as a cosmic signature? Does it come up on the Directional Scanner? Do players looking to gank runners just have to scan down whole systems just in case someone is running one?

I’ll await the answers, but I suspect at this point I won’t bother with the feature. As a solo character there doesn’t seem to be much you can do to mitigate or lower the risk. Funny enough – the least safe place to run these will be in High Sec.  They will be safe enough to run in your null sec pockets with intel channels and friends around.

2 thoughts on “I Suspect Not

  1. Although I wasn’t at Fanfest, everything I have seen indicates the suspect flag idea is not set in stone. CCP apparently just floated it as one idea to prevent highsec from become the de facto place for everyone to run the sites. It was being considered, but it isn’t clear if they will go with it, or if it will apply to all tiers of the site. The other obvious option is just to use the traditional model and lock the highest tier sites out of highsec, but maybe they will think up some other way to provide incentives/balance so it makes sense to run these sites in all sectors of space.

    I wouldn’t write them off just yet, at least until you see the devblog. They also will be on SiSi in the coming days if find yourself with the time and interest to give them a spin.

    • An interesting comment thanks. I was hoping to find the source of EVENew24’s quote – but not all presentations made it to YouTube. (Right at this moment I’m watching the The Art Of The Triglavian Collective presentation.)
      I would be ok with a half/half approach on the suspect flag. Without flagging for the lesser sites, with flagging for the deeper sites. That way people willing to risk the deeper sites in High Sec are allowed – and those willing to hunt them can.

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