Operation Conscious Interruption

Another new Event kicked off in EVE the other day – Operation Conscious Interruption.  I’ve mostly been ignoring these Events as they are too similar and generally require logging in daily to get up enough points.

This time I happened to listen in to a couple players trying to run one of the sites, but having great difficulty holding down the Loot Cruiser.  Apparently it was very fast.

This sparked a little interest, so I started up Pyfa to look at what ship I might put together to combat this.  I looked at the Cruiser hulls with Stasis Webifier bonuses – the Vigilant, Huginn, Ashimmu and Loki (with an Immobility Driver Subsystem).  In the end I flew to Jita and fitted out a dual web Loki with Autocannons and quite a beefy shield tank.

I’ve ran half a dozen sites now and the Loki has worked fine.  With 29km bonus-ed Caldari Web’s it was able to grab and slow down the Loot Cruiser.  I was also able to take it down ok with 600DPS, but to be honest I could do with a bit more.  I found I tended to overheat to get it down quicker.

Once again however I found every site I ran was contested – often by a couple people.  While I am by default courteous and warp out of active sites, I find those same people rarely return the same favour.  I know it is (a very much encouraged) part of the game, but it tends to quickly give me a case of the “can’t be farked”.

There is apparently a battleship version of the site (that maybe has to be scanned down), and I also noticed when I killed one of the frigate rats in the site that it also dropped loot.  In addition – you get negative standings with the Vigilant Tyrannos Corp, which I believe will result in more hostile reactions from Drifters.

I might try some more of the sites later – possibly by moving to quieter areas.

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