And I am back online.

It took 15 days of disruption and outages to move from ADSL2 to FTTC (Fibre to the Curb) Internet. In the end my feedback (complaining) got to the right person at my ISP, who gave the issue to the right technicians, who within a couple hours had fixed something behind the scenes and we had the new Internet access finally working.

It was a frustrating experience – primarily due to an offshore helpdesk. They were quick to answer the phone, relatively easy to understand, and well scripted – but completely hopeless once you strayed from that script.

Anyway, to celebrate I purchased the three basic Precursor ship skillbooks for Frigate, Cruiser and Battleship, and the three basic Precursor skillbooks for small, medium and large weapons.  338M ISK later..

I then ran into an unexpected nuisance. I had filled my Training queue with more than 600 days of training. Soon into adding these new skills I was told I had hit the maximum number of entries in the Training Queue – 50. I had to go delete lots of my long-term training picks to fit in the 24 entries related to getting these new skills all to rank IV.

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