New Recruitment Program Can of Something

CCP have announced that they will be changing the recruitment rewards program:

The basic concept of the recruitment program is that if you introduce a player to EVE who subsequently subscribes, you can get paid a kickback from CCP.  You identify the players you recruit by having them click on a personalised recruitment URL.  (You will often see them on EVE Blogs, YouTube Channels, Twitch Streams etc.)  The program has changed over time, but the most recent rewards have been either 30 days of game time or 500 PLEX (currently worth around 1.6B ISK).  The person who subscribes at some point after clicking on your link also gets some additional rewards, which I think are Skill points at the moment.

I don’t recall using the system myself – but I believe people have used the system when creating their own alts, and I’ve heard plenty of comments over the years to suggest it is gamed by SP Farmers / Botters.

I wouldn’t have thought much about this change, but I noticed CCP said they were “super excited”, and that they had given very little notice of the change.  It made me wonder if they were trying to hype up something they anticipated a crap storm over, or maybe it was done to try and minimise the gaming of the old system.  I headed off to look at the related forum thread to see if there was anything interesting to read:

The commentary in the thread (at least so far) wasn’t too overwhelming.  There were remarks about how the old system was gamed, that the suggested rewards sounded underwhelming, and that it was not clear what happened after the initial 40 referrals were done in the new system, which could impact some people.  For that last point, it was said some individuals generated substantially more than 40 referrals (such as I guess EVE famous content creators), and would it make such people less inclined to recruit in future?

It is interesting to consider just what is classified as recruitment, and how much wealth some players generated via this mechanism.

Elsewhere in the forum topic there was the expected “I can not in good conscience recommend EVE” / “You must fix ‘A B C’ before I can recommend EVE” posts, and then the obvious trolling replies.

One particular troll stood out for an interesting name:

The definition (that they helpfully linked too):

“..a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is.”

Given the quality of their trolling, this was a great name if they meant it as a self-deprecating jibe.

Also interesting was this:

These were other forum users who habitually liked The_Dunning_Kruger’s posts, and the main users he liked the posts of.  It looks like an obvious circle jerk.  I assumed they might have all been from a flock of Trolls (what do you call a group of trolls?), but only one of the other ones regularly troll posted.  A couple actually posted a high volume of inane nothingness which you would assume a troll would hate.  I’m not sure of the end goal – collecting forum badges?

There is just so much going on in EVE that you wouldn’t know about..

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