Not so ugly

I remarked back at the start of July that this blog might be turning ugly. It appeared from the WordPress spam I was receiving that the account options I used to remove ads and allow customisation were being combined in a more expensive subscription that I was not willing to pay for.

Wilhelm Arcturus from suggested the old account options were still being billed for him regardless. That has turned out to be the case for me as well. I must admit some of my blogging enthusiasm had been sapped by the presumed loss of those options. I prefer the site looking – in its own way – neat and clean.

The next in game EVE event, starting in 5 odd days, is one based in the Abyss pockets.

It is probably just a jaded perception, but I wonder if this is a random idea from CCP, or if they feel like they need to try and get more people to use the sites. Aside some statistics provided during EVE down under, has anyone heard if the Abyss sites are considered a widely used success, or have they become another niche sub-part of the game?

I still have a small collection of Filaments in my main hanger but have yet to use any of them. I have purchased and trained up all the Precursor hull and module skills to rank IV – but again have not used any of them. I just haven’t been enamored by some of CCP’s design decisions around this newer aspect of the game. Maybe I am just a recalcitrant old man now.

CCP have also continued their recent tradition of lots and lots of sales on PLEX and Game time purchases. Most of the bonuses on offer relate to extra ship skins or attire, which I find very underwhelming, but the other day they offered their Value packs with notable discounts. These are packs you can buy only one time for each account.

I picked up the Galaxy Pack for half price on one of their sales – for $70 AUD I received an extra 90 days of Omega game time (~$54) on my account, 1100 PLEX (~$55) for skin purchases, 2 Multi-Pilot Training Certificates (~$55), 5 Skill Extractors (~$35), and 7 ship skins and a couple clothing items. The multi-pilot training certificates and extractors I will put aside for a rainy day.

There have been some large battles in EVE recently, with lots of Titans and Supercarriers fielded. During some of these there have been Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on the game infrastructure, impacting a lot of players negatively. Whether triggered by one side or the other trying to give themselves an advantage, or some look at me oddity trying to make themselves feel important, I don’t know. More interesting has been the vitriol directed at CCP for not being able to entirely mitigate the impact, or about how some apparently innocent people are unable to log in as their IP addresses fall into a range blocked by the anti DDoS service CCP is using. It seems very much like Victim blaming at times. More and more often the vocal part of the EVE community seems to be a whiny little shit.