Balance tends to mean Nerf

CCP announced some balance changes in the October release.

It was suggested these are outcomes of the CSM Summit.  Given some of the items, the cynical side of me wonders if this is a direct form of appeasement towards some of the louder player rabble.

First – ECM. If someone gets an ECM jam on you, you will still be able to lock / fire upon that pilot. It will only stop you locking other pilots. If you already had a lock on the ECM ship, the lock won’t drop. To compensate, there will be some slight buffs to ECM ship fittings and tank, and in the longer term, ECM strength.

That should please the ECM haters.

While there is an interesting elegance to the idea, it takes the ECM Ship option away from solo players (as it will seemingly be pointless). It relegates these hulls to a couple niche fleet roles. It will still work ok as a possible counter to Logistic Ships. It can still be used in small gang PVP – where a Tanky ECM ship can take the fire of a single or small number of targets, allowing the other ships in the gang to be configured as glass canon DPS. It might still work for a solo player dual boxing a hauler with an ECM guard, although it means the ECM ship will more likely die if you must use it.

Unless the extra tank and fitting options bring up new uses of the ECM hulls, I doubt I would have a need for owning one any more.

The use of ECM drones isn’t nerfed as hard. If I read right, the jammed pilot will be able to lock the ECM drone, but it didn’t indicate they could lock the pilot using the drones. I will have to confirm that.

Second – the Interceptor nullification is being looked at. Another thing I’ve noticed many players hating on.

CCP have indicated the original change increased the number of people roaming, so they did not want to remove the option. Instead they will remove it from the Combat Interceptors (Claw, Crusader, Raptor, Taranis) but leave it on the fleet Interceptors (Stiletto, Malediction, Crow, Ares). I use a Malediction as a out of Hi-Sec scout / shuttle, so it will still be of use.

Third – there will be changes to Heavy Interdictors, and possible small changes to the FAX, with future Capital balancing. None of that impacts me.

Fourth – there will be a balance change to the Triglavian Damavik (Frigate), moving one low slot to a mid to hopefully increase the number of people who use the hull.  I don’t use those ships as yet, but I might down the track.