Burning through the Reserves

The following screen grab is of my Corporation Master Wallet for the last 3 months.


Each month the outgoings are 2M ISK for the Alliance Maintenance Fee (for one Corporation) and 10K ISK for Office Rental.

The Corporation has a 5% tax – but because I haven’t been doing anything in game to earn ISK, there is no contribution from me.

The Corporation also has four Customs Offices, with low tax rates set (2% for Neutrals).  Only two pilots have used any of these offices over the last 3 months, and even then rarely.

The vague idea was that between the above Tax input that the Corporation and Alliance would remain roughly ISK neutral.  That was working out initially, but not so now.

No need to panic just yet.

Of actual note – isn’t it odd that for Alliance Maintenance Fees, the Journal Entry Type is incorrectly spelt as “Maintainance”, while the Description is spelt correctly as “Maintenance”.

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