Toy Box

The EVE Toy box has been rather empty for a while, so I spent almost 3B ISK to add some stuff to it.

I have no idea if any of these will become permanent members of my Space Ships hanger.


While I can fly them all, I had to add to my training queue to cover off their T2 Weapon variants.

It is nice to have some skills training that you are actually waiting on.  My most recent trained skill was Rank V in Heavy Interdiction Cruisers.  I can’t remember when I last flew one of those hulls – and I don’t expect to fly one any time soon either.  Before that was Medium Autocannon Specialization V and Small Blaster Specialization V – two more skills I am not likely to use for a long time.  I am now just a few days off finishing Interdictors V – another hull type I don’t see a use for.  As I have rank V in pretty much all the skills I actually use, my Skill queue was filled almost mindlessly.


I am not sure how the ammo works.  I might have grabbed far too much or far too little.  I’ll work it out.  The pricing of the stuff was a bit mind boggling and all over the shop.  The volumes sold are very low.  Maybe 20 Frigates, 30 Cruisers and 30 Battleships a day from Jita.  As the skills finish training I will just play around with each Hull and see if I can get a fitting I find a use for.  At least it should get me undocked and into some content for a little while.

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