Blast from the past

I had an odd email today with the title “Important DUST 514 update!”.

Old DUST 514 players are being given the time limited opportunity to claim / reserve the name of one of their DUST characters in the new first person shooter being developed by CCP Games.

If you do this (by creating an account) you will be able to claim any potential Veteran Rewards in the new game – the first being a unique drop suit.




4 thoughts on “Blast from the past

  1. We have a PlayStation 3 and I never quite got around to trying out DUST 514. Though, honestly, that PS3 has played a lot more movies and streamed a lot more video than it ever played games.

    • I purchased my PlayStation 3 for DUST 514 (which I ended up not playing) and Gran Turismo (which didn’t hold my attention like earlier versions). It has mostly sat unused.

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