Playing with the Damavik

The Damavik is the (new-ish) Triglavian Frigate. After waiting for the October changes to the ship to go live (one low slot was moved to a mid slot) I finally sat down to start experimenting with fitting and flying it.

Obviously as a Carebear I am focused on finding if I can get a workable PVE setup, plus I wanted to see how the Entropic Disintegrator works.

Oddly is the answer to that last question.  The Disintegrator is very quick to switch targets and has great tracking, having no problem hitting opponents.  Against lower EHP stuff it is really quick and efficient at killing.  Running a level two mission however I found it could not break the tank of a T1 Battle-Cruiser Rat, even after giving it time to spool up to full damage.  It couldn’t scratch the T2 Cruiser Rats.  On paper the DPS exceeds many of my other small PVE ships, but in practise it doesn’t feel that effective against a tanked opponent.  More experimenting required.

It is a pity about the low slot moving to the mid slot.  For PVE I’d have preferred that change wasn’t implemented.