EVE Vegas 2018 Opening

Without planning too – I spent a little bit of time watching or reading about the first day of EVE Vegas.

You can see the opening ceremony here (which I haven’t finished with yet):

Plus – there is also the keynote that you can find posted on EVE Online’s Facebook page


A very short summary of the in game items I noted..

. There will be new Triglavian ships – a Destroyer, a Battlecruiser, a Logistic Cruiser, and one other I didn’t pick up properly

. New structures for Cyno Beacons, Cyno Jammers and player Jump Gates will be coming soon.  The Jump Gates will be able to be linked to Jump Gates of Alliances other than just your own.

. Abyssal Deadspace will get a co-op mode (run in a fleet of three frigates) and a Duel mode (a zone with a run down time for loot that another player might randomly join.  If that happens only one will be able to leave.)

. Currently the majority of Abyssal Space pilots are 4-5+ years old.

. From December War Dec’s will only be allowed if the Corp / Alliance has structures in space.  In the first part of 2019 there will be a new War Dec System.

. It has been found that 50% of all War Dec’s are generated by only 5 Corporations, and that the attackers kill on average more than 100 ships for every one they lose.  It was also mentioned in the CSM Summit meetings that CCP’s statics show defenders become less active in War Dec’s, and that this lack of activity can continue even after the war completes.

. There was also chat – again – about focusing a bit more on missions.

If I get a chance I will have a deeper think about some of these things from a solo point of view.

Roll-ing with the times

I went through my EVE blogroll today. I moved a lot of blogs from the active list to the quiet list. Blogs that had not posted about EVE for more than a year – or had stated they were done. It was a session of sad nostalgia, particularly when I hit blogs that had been deleted for good.

There are not many reliably active EVE blogs left that I follow.

I have tried finding new EVE blogs in recent years, but those that I thought had promise did not last for long.

I’m not of the view that blogging is dying. I see blog posts all the time, but now they tend to come in different formats. A series of tweets, long Facebook, LinkedIn or Reddit posts, the descriptions associated with a YouTube Video or Instagram Photo, syndicated articles on news sites and so on.

The content is still there, but the delivery has shifted.

The connection with the authors though tends to change in these new mediums. They can be more anonymous. They can be more disjointed. (You only see samples of the author’s narrative, and not the bigger picture a central blog can provide.) Sometimes they can be less about the content of the writing, and more about the celebrity of the writer.

I’ve noticed that of the EVE bloggers I follow that are still active, many are more innocuous older generation types, with a tendency towards reasonableness and introspection. I am not sure if it is a sign of the type of person who is able to stick at this for so long, or a hint that the old style of blog it no longer fashionable.

Wilhem Arcturus has a player presentation at EVE Vegas this weekend called “A Call for EVE Bloggers in the Age of Social Media”. I hope it ends up on somewhere like YouTube, or he posts a summation on his Blog.  Likely an interesting topic to consider if you write or read EVE blogs.