WoWS – Top of the losers

I’ve got into my second Tier X Hull in World of Warships – the French Cruiser Henri IV.

I recently also moved into the Tier IX DM Donskoi, so my next Tier X Hull will likely be on the Russian Cruiser tree.

This little flurry of moving into higher tier ships however has left me broke. I am going to have to do some serious credit grinding before I can afford to do much else. That raises the question – what is the best way to grind credits in World of Warships?  (Aside from being a good player – that option is out.)

I must admit I am not particularly enjoying the Tier X games – even in Tier X ships. In part it is because I am not as familiar with the new hulls I am using, or the newer maps I am playing on. Mostly however I am not enjoying them as much because they can play like well grinded set acts. Your opponents seem to know the optimum camping spots, the optimum tactics, and the key strengths and weaknesses of everything on the field. It is hard to feel your way around and learn because your mistakes are punished so quickly and harshly.

It is obvious to say the opponent are generally of a higher caliber – and they are – but it doesn’t feel as simple as just that. Sometimes the battles can seem less about what people do to win, and more about what mistakes people make to lose.

Currently I’m still playing a mix of ships – from Tier V to X.

The following sums up my World of Warships experiences in the lower tiers for the last week:

While holding our own on the West flank of the map, I noticed the East flank had collapsed and our base was open. I returned to help defend it – finding myself trying to use islands and angling against enemy ships shooting at me from both the North and the East, while also dodging Torpedo Salvos.

It was one of those battles where you keep close watch on where your enemies’ guns are pointed, what caliber they are, and when they last fired, and maneuver based on that. I managed to force a couple battleships to turn away, sink two cruisers, and have a third kill sniped at the last second.

While I made a couple mistakes with being too slow to change ammo types – and I missed one or two salvos I probably shouldn’t have, I was happy with how I played under pressure.

During this game I had someone on my team bagging me out in chat for how poorly I was playing. It is not all that often I am singled out for negative comment– but when it does happen, it is often when I am feeling like I am playing reasonably well. I guess the longer you tend to stay alive, the more you are likely to be singled out for their attention.

In this losing match I was also bagged out – for my choice of using a premium Marblehead when it was just a useless painted Omaha.

And another loss.

And another loss – yet again where I was criticised in chat. The Chapayev is paper thin when up against Tier X ships, so you have no choice but to use Islands for cover. I start most matches in this Cruiser by pushing up close behind our Destroyers, using Radar and the ships good guns to force off enemy Destroyers. If I live through that, I then must settle back into a more cautious game, burning Battleships from behind Islands and making life difficult for any enemy Destroyers trying to contest capture points. Here someone took umbrage to me running behind an island instead of derping into an open capture zone in front of three enemy Battleships.

And another loss.

And another loss.

I have more screen captures just like this – but you get the idea. I’ve been towards the top of the losers over and over. I feel like I am playing the mid-tier Cruisers more reasonably and reliably well – but still not well enough to carry a team.

The in-game chat is an odd thing.

You get the obligatory canned messages – such as good luck. It is also somewhat common for people to make tactical suggestions – although just as often as not, they are dubious. Occasionally someone will appropriately suggest team mates report an AFK player or call out some particularly bad play. Very rarely – maybe as little as once in every 400 or 500 battles, I will notice someone offer a critique that is of value.

If there is someone actively chatting, they tend to be slagging off. I like to take note of their names if they are particularly bad. I like to see where the game ranks them at the end of the battle. Often, they have died early without making any real positive contribution to the match. Funny that.