Double Training

If you log in to EVE on both days this weekend, you can claim / redeem up to 50,000 Skill points if you have an Alpha Account, or 100,000 Skill Points if you have an Omega Account.


I found the Interface a little confusing.

In hindsight it is obvious – but I was expecting to see a 50,000 Skill Point box to claim, instead I had a box with the Skill Point amount hidden behind a Claim button.

Once I clicked on “Claim All” I got 2 x 25,000 Skill Point Boxes in my Redeeming System.

Once you move these from the redeeming system to a character, the Skill Points are automatically added to their unallocated Skill Point total.

Regardless what you think of such things, it did get me to log in today – although I have not undocked.  Maybe later.

One thought on “Double Training

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