The old is new again

I have started the preliminary work on reviving and recreating Alts.

EVE’s Black Friday sale did not include subscription discounts, so I paid full price to upgrade one of my secondary Accounts to Omega Status again.

I had forgotten the feeling of running multiple accounts at the same time. I’m not sure how to explain – it is sort of empowering. As I remarked before – it opens more of the game to you, and gives you more options day to day.

The first to be worked on was my old Industry Alt. I had stripped her of SP – down to approximately 8M.  She had all the skillbooks I required already in her head – just mostly at low ranks.

Her role will be to live around my old home and make use of my POCO.

I spent 4.7B ISK on Skill Injectors for 2.4M SP.  I had to remind myself over and over this wasn’t an investment in making or recovering ISK, but in increasing the fun factor within the game.  The SP helped flesh a lot of skills back up to rank III and IV, but did not get many skills up to rank V. In hindsight I was far too optimistic about that. I covered:

. PI skills to a reasonable level
. Refining and mining Crystal Skills back to cover Hi-Sec Asteroids
. Restored Trade skills to lower taxes
. Rounded out some Shield, Armor and Spaceship Command skills

I also added 62 days to her Training Queue. I have some Multiple Pilot Training Certificates sitting around from some earlier deal, so I might make use of them when I get to adding additional Alts on that Account.

I purchased and fitted a Badger and Exequror and moved them into the system for hauling, and a Procurer for mining.

So aside PI, she can dabble in some trading and do some mining when the mood takes her.

(This is the first time I have flown a Badger for quite a while. I really like the updated hull graphics.)

I created a new Corporation for her. The corporation name was easy to find – the tricky bit was getting a Corporation Ticker that had not been taken.

Last of all I moved some clones around – and once I grab some extra supplies, my new/old Industry Alt will be done.

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