IX or X Clones

To start with I would just like to say that the global search is fantastic.

Now – with peace returning my first order of business was ensuring I moved a T1 Logistics Cruiser into the vicinity of my POCO.

With that done I started the process of shifting all my scattered clones around into more optimal locations. My Main has 9 jump clones plus the active one, so it has been a multi-week process to move them one clone jump at a time. It is something I haven’t managed to complete in years.

I have 3 clones with +5 Implant Sets, worth around 700M ISK each. One sits in my current home in Citadel, one in my old home in Devoid, and the last in Jita.

I have 2 clones with +4 Implant Sets, worth around 150M ISK each. One was used when I roamed around High Sec living out of an Orca, the other for missioning in busier systems. Both are now in my current home (which has plenty of stations.)

I have 2 clones with +3 Implant Sets, worth around 70M ISK each. I used these when I lived in Low Sec or NPC Null Sec. Again, both are in my current home until I have use for them again.

I have 2 clones with +2 Implant Sets, worth around 30M ISK each. These are my PVP clones. One is in my current home, another with my POCO.

The last clone is my Capital one, worth around 500M ISK. That was left sitting in a Low Sec system.

A couple clones have mining implants, a couple have missile / shield implants, and most have the Exploration AP-602 / AQ-702 / AR-802 implants (or better versions) if they have nothing else.  Aside for training, I’ve never really made the most of implants. My Main has always been a Jack of all Trades type of Toon with no real consistent set of needs.

I also adjusted the Skill Training Queue on my Main


And I added a couple more ships to play with.

I am still in the process of testing the Vedmak for PVE. Thoughts to come.

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