Time Capsule

I am part way through the process of re-reading my entire blog. There are more than 1,000 posts – many of them quite long. It is taking a while to get through them. I am checking how it holds up as an archive / time capsule for my experiences in EVE. The blog would win no literary awards, but I am happy how it has aged and read so far.

I am taking the opportunity to self-censor a small number of my more personal posts – primarily a few where I have complained about others in my life. With the passage of time their relevance to the narrative diminishes.

I am however seeing the same common threads repeated over and over.

. The game has an allure I cannot definitively describe or justify

. I think it requires consistent, uninterrupted and flexible time to play fully

. My real life does not allow me the privilege of having such time

. I feel CCP does not understand its Solo Carebear players

. I have been waiting an extraordinary amount of time for CCP to add meaty new content that I felt was relevant or exciting to me

. In recent years I have been irritated by much of the new content CCP has added to the game that is viable for solo play. It has often been directed at encouraging conflict, and getting people used to dying, PVP style fits and PVP style tactics. CCP hopes this will cause players to abandon their wrong style of game play for the lust for combat against other pilots.

. I have made many suggestions about what I would like to see in the game – most of which I still find valid today.

. I don’t think I’ve noticed CCP coming up with any similar ideas and implementing them. Tragic opportunities to improve the game lost, or crappy ill-informed dreams that would never have gained traction?

. CCP has made a lot of mistakes that they really should not have

. The player base has acted unreasonably and alike spoilt little children when CCP make mistakes

. There are some positively foul excuses for humans who play EVE

. The silent majority of players are nicer

4 thoughts on “Time Capsule

  1. Heh, my month in review post has largely become an exercise in re-reading old posts for the 1/5/10 year ago sections. It is hard to know where we want to go if we forget where we have always been.

    CCP definitely has a narrow philosophy in mind for their game. In some ways it feels like a studio in the 90s, or the MUD I used to play regularly, that is focused on there being a “right” way to play. That seems very much outdated at times.

    On the other hand, trying to be all things to all people isn’t necessarily possible and I do tire of people showing up and complaining about titles not catering to their specific play style and needs. Not every game needs to be for you. And we’re at a point in the life of EVE that no change, no matter how radical, is going to attract any significant amount of new players.

    So I just go along for the ride. There is still enough left to keep my attention even if I can go for days or weeks without logging in at times. At least my skill points keep accumulating.

    • I’ve been watching the pilots coming and going from around my old home system for the last month. I do regularly see new players – just weeks old, so the game does seem to still attract people. The majority of players however I see started some 6 to 12+ years ago. I hope the War Dec changes help with the conversion rate.

  2. Good to see you are still blogging. One thing I’ve noticed is the drop-off in Eve bloggers and in Eve ‘fan’ media in general over the last year or so. Maybe there are more people streaming these days but that doesn’t interest me.

    • Blogs have been going out of fashion for some years. For a short while it looked like many of the EVE content creators would move to YouTube, but now Streaming and Podcasts have taken over. I’ve never been particularly enamoured by either.

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