A pot of SP

I just collected the last of the 13 days of Christmas Gifts offered by CCP this year – across two Omega and one Alpha account.  The Absolute Injection Augmentor was the most interesting (and the final gift) for Omega accounts.  It is a booster that is active for 32 hours, and allows you to use up to 3 Skill Injectors without the diminishing returns.

In the case of my Main character, that meant 1,500,000 SP gained for three large Skill Injectors instead of 450,000.

I have nothing pressing to train on my main, but having unallocated skill points is useful.  I’ll see if I can use my second booster in 32 hours to add 1,500,000 more SP.  I’ll leave them for a rainy day / those “I’d really like to do this immediately in game” moments.

Actually – 3,500.000 SP (and lots of ISK) would get me the remaining skills required to fly all the Titans.  It is very unlikely that I would ever require those skills, but the thought does amuse me.  We shall see.

Most of the skins and cosmetics provided during the Christmas giveaway have an usual “limited time” tag on them – but no apparent detail of just how limited that time is.

I am not exactly sure how the skin augmentations work to be honest.  They don’t seem to have an ingestion option like skins.  I did notice if they are in your hanger, they will come up as an option to use in normal Character Customisation.  If you use them, are they then consumed and available from then on, like skins are?   Or is it something you apply to your character, but after it expires you won’t be able to re-add them?  Or will the augmentation disappear after the expiration date?

Meanwhile I am still working away on my Industry Alt, logging it in daily.  They are in the process of Solo harvesting the required materials to build a Raitaru.  I am having more success than when I tried to build an Astrahus with my main.  I think I am a bit over half way with the (mostly) PI materials.  It is a slow process though, but I have managed to stay focused on it.

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