Drinking in more SP

I was able to consume my second Absolute Injection Augmentor and ingest 3 more Skill Injectors for 500,000 SP each.

It would appear I am not the only one to have made use of the Boosters. Below is a graph of the last 100 days of sales (volume and price) of the Large Skill Injectors:

The volume of sales more than doubled yesterday, with a small spike in price.

I had expected a larger price increase to be honest – and had pre-purchased 6 Injectors as soon as I heard about the Christmas Booster gift a fortnight ago. Looking at that graph I might have just missed that boat. There was a 20M Price increase soon after the gift was announced, the price then dropped 10M over the next week, then increased 20M ISK again a couple days ago. I saved about 10M ISK on each Injector but might have saved 30M ISK on each if in a different time zone / got on to them slightly earlier.

As an aside – I wonder what triggered the steady price increase 50 odd days ago?

One of the (many) complaints I read about the 2018 EVE Christmas Gifts was that the Absolute Injection Augmentor would allow Veteran players to move even further ahead of newer players. Is it rational to raise that?

I made use of the two boosters my two paid accounts received along with six large skill injectors I purchased off the market. Without the booster my gain would have been 900,000 SP. With the boosters my gain was 3,000,000 SP. My Main character has just under 250M SP. The two boosters allowed me to increase my SP by an extra 2,100,000 SP – which is 0.8% of the total.

What does 2.1M SP mean to my character? It is about 35 days of training.

What does that mean? I currently have 444 trained skills. 441 are rank IV or V. My shortest skill train would be 3 days and 14 hours to get Trade from IV to V. I also have Veldspar, Pyroxeres, Plagioclase and Scordite Processing that would take 4 days and 5 hours to get from IV to V. While I could cover these all with my bonus SP, I don’t need the skills and they are not in my training queue.

I am missing around 20 odd skills. These are mostly for the Titans / Super Capital Weapons / T2 Capital Weapons. Most have prerequisites of 30+ days of training – which I could use my bonus SP to cover one of. Again however, I don’t need any of the skills and they are not in my training queue.

Most of the skills in my training queue – that are of interest or I have an actual use for – have training times between 32 and 49 days. My bonus Christmas gift allows me to train one of them. It is nice – and I am not complaining (I could get Black Ops or Amarr Freighter from Rank IV to V for example), but it does not make a significant difference. It does not move me appreciably forward from a new player.

It does move my total SP forward a couple Million.

I’ve been playing EVE for a bit over 12 years – using up to 4 paid accounts at the same time. In total I have generated more than 500M SP across those accounts. While attribute maps and implant selections impact the rate you gain those SP, the main contribution has been subscription money.

I mostly buy 12-month subscriptions. If a new player wanted to get the same amount of SP – they could pay for 25 accounts for 12 months each. Done – roughly 500M SP and all caught up after 1 year.

I’ve even made it easier – over the last year or so I’ve extracted and biomassed more than 200M SP and discarded many of my alts. The new player above would equal my SP total after 30 odd weeks and have 20 weeks remaining to move excess SP between accounts or generate ISK by selling it.

Yes, it is a bit of a silly example – but so seems the grievance that the gift had an appreciable impact on the gap between new and veteran players.

On my way to Jita to ingest some Christmas SP

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