Much Easier to tie down Alts

I am still reading through my old blog posts. I’ve covered around two thirds. As I remarked, I’ve really been taken aback by how often the same themes and topics repeat. I’ve been complaining about the same things for an embarrassing number of years.

I’ve liked being reminded of some of the many activities I’ve done in EVE, although it is awkward realising how many goals I’ve wandered away from unfinished or stopped due to changes CCP implemented.

One of the things that has stood out is the clear importance Alts have had towards me enjoying the game. I’ve really liked having a second account these last few weeks. I’ve been asking myself what went wrong with my last Alts? I think I ended up with 3 player characters – one with over 185M SP. They required the same effort to maintain as my main with a raft of assets that needed to be kept up to date. I am going to try and make these fresh alts much more focused and one dimensional.

My Industry Alt continues her solo attempt at building a Raitaru.

She has mined about 90% of the minerals required. I am not sure where she is going to get the Megacyte from. She will either mine extra ores and buy it from the proceeds, or maybe run into Low Sec or a Wormhole for it. I’ll have to think about it.

She is 51.9% (I have a detailed spreadsheet) through gathering the required P1/2 materials, after which I can work through to the required P4 ingredients on a factory planet. I’m not entirely sure I can manage to get all the ingredients in my area of Hi-Sec using only 6 planets. I also haven’t found a source of Complex Organisms yet on a planet with reasonable tax rates. I’ll continue working through what I can cover, and then will contemplate my options for whatever remains.

I’m building this just for the interest of the process. I wonder however if there would be much profit for doing it in High Sec. The PI Setup costs and export Taxes have been notable.

PI is an area I have found I must use an Alt for. The Raitaru material gathering process has been quite complicated with lots of quick changes to what you are extracting and combining. I don’t like tying my Main character down to a small area to do that sort of thing.