The cost of savings

I’ve spent a couple days recently in game working on my second replacement Alt.

I spent 77B ISK on Skill points – ingesting 34.5M. After the purchase of skills, implants, ships and some holding cash, we can round the cost of the Alt to 80B ISK.

I presume I could have done better on the character market – but this way I’ve got exactly what I want (or at least, think I want).

The Toon has no Structure Management, Planet Management, Resource Processing, Science, Production or Corporation Management skills, aside what was given at the start or required as prerequisites for other skills. Most skill points have gone into flying and fitting Amarr ships.

The primary goal of this character was to be able to support my main in the defence, repair and any required recapture of my handful of Player Owned Customs Offices. That has been covered off.

One of the ships the Alt had to be able to fit and fly

As a bonus they can also fly Amarr Logistic Frigates, Covert Ops, Electronic Attack Ships, Interceptors, Assault Frigates, Tactical Destroyers, Logistic Cruisers, Recons, Heavy Assault Cruisers and Strategic Cruisers, along with being able to fly an Orca and Porpoise. The last two were a bit of an unexpected bonus, and were why I put a couple more million SP into the Alt.

That all allows the Alt to also support my Main in Missions, Mining and out of Hi-Sec explorations if I need.

I enabled dual training on the Alt account and am currently working to get the Alt into the Amarr Transport ships.

All told it is an interesting little Toon, more useful than expected.

Been visiting this a lot lately for SP Injectors

Meanwhile I have proven myself a liar. When the timer runs down, and I remember, I have continued to ingest Absolute Injection Augmentor Boosters and Large Skill Injectors on my Main. The difference between 150K and 500K SP feels a bit too good to pass up, even if all I am doing is storing it for a rainy day. While the result won’t be many new skill ranks, it has grown into a big enough pool of SP that it can’t be argued as doing anything other than moving me forward / further away from most newer players. Both my new Alts have used the same boosters to get an extra 300K SP (500K instead of 400K x3) towards the end of their SP ingestion.

I haven’t kept a close watch, but I’ve spent over 100B ISK on this entire process over the last month or two, and still have one more Alt to set up. This is not ISK earnt through great in game play, but SP ISK extracted from my previous Alts. As the bank balance has been reducing, I have been mindful of one of my favourite quotes:

“You can not save up your life, it has to be spent to have any value.”

And so – within reason – it is the same with ISK. That 100B ISK sitting in the bank for the last year was adding nothing to my gaming experience.