Meet the Crew

Meet my new scout / scanning Alt.

She is one day old, has 10.8M SP, and is able to fly Gallente & Minmatar Covert Ops and Interceptors.  She has reasonable navigation, tank and scanning skills, and can use the T2 modules for Analyzers, Light Drones and small Projectile and Hybrid Turrets.  She has several caches of ships and clones set up across three regions, and will occasionally amuse herself running Hi and Low Sec Exploration sites.  She will remain nameless and out of my Corporations / Alliance, so she can undertake the occasional scouting / spying job for my Main.


Next is my new Support Alt, Ardaven.

He is 11 days old, has 34.9M SP, and is able to fly most T2 Amarr Frigate, Destroyer and Cruiser Hulls.  He can also fly an Orca and Porpoise.  He can fit, tank and fly these all appropriately, use Amarr EW, T2 Sentries, and T2 Large Laser Turrets. He is starting to build up a cache of ships and clones, but it is taking a little while to review fits.  He is in my main Corporation / Alliance, and will be regularly flying in support of my Main.

My last main Alt is the refreshed Illesha Rose.

She is 9 years and 3 months old, has 14.4M SP, can fly most T1 ship hulls to basic levels, and has moderate Trade, Industry, Resource Processing and PI skills.  She can also fly T1 Barges ok.  She is only a fraction of her old (before SP extraction) self, but will keep watch over and use my Player Own Custom Offices, and re-train her large library of injected skills if I want her to do something Industry like.  She already has a cache of ships to cover off this task.  She is in a separate corporation, but it is not much use trying to hide her.  She was the one who created my Alliance for me.

So my initial plan was to build three Alts using Skill Point Injectors for scouting, support and industry on one account, which I have done.  I lost count of the number of times I have heard “Skill Training Completed” over the last fortnight.

Not in my initial plans, I also threw SP at another existing Alt – EveHermit.

He is 1 year and 11 months old, has 14.5M SP, and has joined Illesha’s Corporation to cover off her remaining PI needs.  He has reasonable scanning skills, and can appropriately fit, tank and fly T2 Amarr Covert Ops, Assault Frigates, Interceptors, and their Tactical Destroyer.  This will allow him to run Hi-Sec Exploration content on occasion.  He can also fly Amarr Transport ships and the T2 Expedition Frigates.  He will help out Illesha, and is already located in the same system with an appropriate cache of ships.

The other characters to get SP injected is my Main Toon – Elmis.

He is 12 years and 3 months old, and has 245M SP.  He can tank, fit and fly every hull in the game aside Titans and the Flag Cruiser, and has almost every skill available to rank IV or V.  He also now has an additional 17M SP in his unallocated pool, thanks to the Absolute Injection Augmentor Boosters given as Christmas Gifts this year.  I used these for all my Alts (one or two doses) during their setup, giving me an extra 300 to 600K SP for their development.  The boosters were selling for as little as 4M ISK towards their expiration (which I think just happened with the latest Downtime.)  They were an absolute boon.

Now that I have come this far, I might as well finish this off.

This is a second Scout Alt:

She is connected / linked to my main if you search.  She is 5 years old, and has 5.2M SP.  She has average scanning skills and can fly Gallente Covert Ops.  I have occasionally used her for purpose, including during my last two War Decs.  The problem is I hate her name, and have considered scrapping her for that reason alone.  I think she is safe for now.

Those are all on my main Account.

My last Alt is on my Third account, Orkorde.

She is 11 years and 5 months old, and has 1.3M SP.  She has been nothing but a price check Alt for all that time – which hasn’t been needed for years with tools like EVE Market Helper.  Just recently I have been training her in all the Alpha skills possible, just for the interest of it.  This is a very slow process at half training time – made worse by me regularly forgetting to update the skill queue.

If my quick calculations are right, I currently have around 344M SP.   That is quite a drop from the 475-500M SP I had before (foolishly) deciding to extract SP and bio-massing most of my Alts.  When I started this process I had the vague plan to spend all of the ISK I gained from that earlier extraction process.  I still have a bunch of ships to buy and fit, which should bring me about to that ball park figure.  Quite an ISK and SP drain to remove then re-add Alts.  Anyway – hard lesson learnt – EVE is more fun with Alts, especially when you are playing solo.