Stargate Holograms

A bunch of holographic icons were introduced to Stargates a little while ago.  If you haven’t already, you should make yourself aware of what they all mean.

There is a support page with details

..and this great graphic:

The Travel Warning Notice tends to stand out to me – and has accurately alerted me to systems that Suicide Gankers were active in.  The only issue is I’m normally jumping on contact with the gate, so I notice the warning as I jump through…

7 thoughts on “Stargate Holograms

    • The Intel is delayed and isn’t something you should rely on. I’ve found it useful however on more quiet travel paths or backwater systems were nothing normally happens, so the travel warning means something. A quick check of zkillboard each time and I have been able to identify a bunch of campers and gankers who I might not have paid much attention too otherwise.

      • Zkill is only helpful if someone reported the kill mail. Otherwise it’s the same information. In game tools are still the most accurate.

  1. I love that these details are available on each jump. I tend to warp to 0 on the gate, rather than use the jump option, quickly check the status when I get there, then jump.

    Used in combination with map filters (pilots in space/ship kills) I don’t need third party tools anymore.

    Only thing I don’t get is the travel warning notice. It says appears when a negative security status is in the system, but I’ve seen this on systems with no other players in them for hours, or only players with high sec status. So I’m not sure how that works. The others seem to be based on the last hour.

    • I believe CCP said the Gate Hologram information was delayed / a summary over a time period. I expect certain players would have been foaming at the mouth if it was an accurate Intel tool.

      A question about warping to 0 – do you ever have a problem with bouncing off the gates? I used to find that happened fairly regularly if piloting a Freighter or (less often) Orca. Is that still a thing?

      • Hm… Not sure. I haven’t had it happen in anything, frig to be. I’m just getting back into it really. First time I played there was no warp to 0, works fine this time around.

        Data isn’t delayed, the data looks back, usually an hour. The point is to give you a heads up if there are shady dealings on the other side.

        Same with the in game map data… It’s live data. Pilots in space in the last 30 min, ship/pod kills in last hour… It’s pretty close to live and will save your ship.

        Talk about crazy live data… Dotlan has a map that shows you which systems have increases/decreases in NPC kills, allowing you to determine which systems are being actively ratted. Great for hunting.

      • Sorry, it does say delayed, but only about travel/danger levels.

        “Traffic level information as well as the danger level are averaged over time”

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