My spreadsheet tells me I have gathered all the resources I need to build the Raitaru. It is more of a “thank goodness” than “fist pump“ moment.

I’m fearful I’ve made a mistake in my calculations – but we will cross that bridge if we have too.

My Raitaru project container has 94,954 m3 of stuff ready to manufacture. The client suggests it is worth around 441M ISK. The Blueprint Copies would add around 20M ISK. Probably not something you want to move around lots.

That figure of 461M ISK is interesting. So far, I’ve paid out approximately 130M ISK in PI fees and taxes to gather the PI goods. (It would be cheaper the next time round if I reuse the infrastructure.) If I sold everything now, I would come out with about 331M ISK for my efforts, minus the cost of sales.

A manufactured Raitaru is currently selling for 527M ISK. That leaves an extra 66M return, minus the cost of manufacturing, and of course minus the cost of sales. I’m not doing this for profit, but it is the sort of thing you need to pay attention to if you are serious about your manufacturing.

It has been a long time since I built anything of note, and I wasn’t sure how the costs were calculated now. I went back to the Eve University Wiki:


Simplistically, you are charged a production fee based on how much manufacturing is being done in your system over the last 28 days, compared to the rest of the EVE universe. The busier the system is, the more expensive it is to manufacture.  This is CCP’s way of trying to spread out manufacturing.

The wiki article also outlines the various skills you should train. I ignore these. I will visit later if I decide to put more effort into my building.

There are not that many decisions you have to make at this point.

There is only one station in system which supports manufacturing, and I had already planned ahead and stored all the ingredients there. I right clicked on the first blueprint copy and selected “Use Blueprint”. This opened the industry panel and I was able to look at how much the build of the first of 9 components would cost me.

The system cost index is 5.42%. I’m not sure if that is high or low. It is applied against the estimated value of the item being manufactured – in this case, 20.6M.

So, 20.6M ISK x 5.42% = A Job Cost of 1.1M ISK.

But wait – there’s more. The Job cost is then multiplied by an additional Facility Tax. In this case it is 10% – paid to the NPC Station Owners.

1.1M x 110% = 1.2M ISK

I open the structure browser and filter on manufacturing services with a range of the current constellation. There are several player structures available with Facility taxes of between 5 and 8%. There is one at 2.8%, but I am weary to use it (even to buy something from there) as it is run by a Pirate organisation.

I roughly calculate that using one of the local player structures would save me around 1M ISK in fees across building all the 9 components. That isn’t worth the hassle or risk of moving the manufacturing. I stick to the using the NPC station.

I submit the blueprint copies one after another until – thump, I quickly came to a screaming halt.

My Industry Alt can only run 5 Manufacturing jobs.

I go back to the EVEUni Wiki to check over the skills after all.

Each rank in Industry reduces the manufacturing time by 4%. I’m sitting on 20% with Rank 5.

Advanced Industry reduces manufacturing time and Research time by 3% each rank. I’m sitting on an extra 6% off my manufacturing time. I can improve that, so I adjust my training queue.

Mass Production allows 1 extra job per rank. I have rank 4 – giving me a total of 5 jobs. I need more than that. I adjust my training queue again to get this skill to rank 5.

Advanced Mass Production allows 1 extra manufacturing job per rank. It requires Mass Production 5, which I have queued up.  I add this skill to the training queue, aiming to have a total of 9 jobs.

My plans to be flying a freighter are stretch out a bit further.

Currently I am looking at about a week to finish it, assuming I haven’t messed up.

Just an aside – I have two characters training on my Alt account – using Dual Training certificates I got with some special deal a while ago. The first certificate had expired so the training on the lower SP character (my Industry Alt) was paused. There was however no warning or notification that I noticed – it just happened quietly in the background. Looking around, I am not sure there is any way to identify how long you have left on the certificates. Annoying. I use another certificate to restart the Industry Alt’s training. I remember how the character already had all these skills in her past life. Sigh.