I manufactured 8 of the 9 components needed for the Raitaru.

Whether from psychic abilities or pessimism, my suspicions about not having fixed all my spreadsheet issues then came to fruition. I was missing 10 Self-harmonizing Power Cores required to build the Structure Reprocessing Plant.

I updated the spreadsheet and it automatically listed what I was missing and dropped the progress from 100% to 95.8%.


I contemplated buying what was needed off the market, but I decided to use it as an opportunity to start retooling my planets for the P1 Extraction > Factory Planet approach I’ve theorised would be more efficient.

I listed out all the planets I had access to with low tax rates and added any extra I was already using. I then checked them for the density of each of the resources they held.


This was illuminating but stumped me for a little while. What does a 5% density really mean when compared to 50%? Where do you start?

I went back to the basics. The processing of P0 resources into P1 are done with Basic Industry Facilities.

Every 30 minutes, they can take in 3,000 P0 and convert them into 20 P1. Over a day that equates to:

. For 1 Facility – 144,000 P0 into 960 P1
. For 2 Facilities – 288,000 P0 into 1,920 P1
. For 3 Facilities – 432,000 P0 into 2,880 P1

I’ve been running 24-hour cycles, aiming ideally to gather around 290,000 P0 units to keep 2 Basic Industry Facilities busy per extractor.

I ran some tests. There are so many variables in this that it can only be taken as an extremely rough guide, but I found

. Between 2-5% density two Extractors with 16 heads could gather around 250,000 P0
. Between 12-18% density one Extractor with 8 heads would gather around 240,000 P0
. Above 25% density one Extractor with 5 heads would gather around 300,000 P0

I have two characters doing PI, with a total of 12 planet slots available to me. Without any concept if it was even possible, I wanted to set up my P0 extraction so that it was mostly done on my secondary PI Alt and would not require me to change schema. If a spreadsheet told me to gather X number of this, I would go straight to the planet and kick off the required cycles.

I looked very closely at the combinations of resources and tax rates and ended up being able to cover all the P1 goods across 8 planets and using 9 planet slots. That left 3 spares for Factory Planets.

The new setup is more efficient with where I extract resources, reduces the number of systems I must visit to collect, and cut out two of the planets I had to use with 10% Tax rates.

It makes quite a difference, and there are still some areas I can improve, with some planets holding spare capacity for extra facilities.

Next – and with a bit of trepidation, I investigated setting up Factory Planets where the build would all be automated and I would not need to change Schema on. I would just dump all the P1 ingredients my spreadsheet told me onto a Launch Pad, and it would automatically generate the P2, P3 and P4 goods without any wastage or further effort from me.

Here I am not too sure how successful I will be. First – I messed up as I forgot you could only process P4 goods on Barren or Temperate planets. I will have to shift some of my extraction between planets and PI toons to get 3 suitable planets. Next – there are 8 P4 goods to cover, but on my first attempt I was only able to shoehorn the infrastructure to automatically build 2 of them on one planet. I don’t have enough planets to do all 8.  (A solution might be to free up a planet by buying instead of extracting Oxidizing Compounds, but I would prefer to get my factories more efficient.)

The P3 into P4 process is easy – each P3 only goes into one P4. That might be the same for the P2 into P3 as well. The problem is the P1 into P2 processing, where your ingredients are used in multiple P2, which makes the automatic routing difficult.  I am thinking I could pre-load resources to stop the unwanted routing from happening.  I would only have to do that once.


Right now, I am processing the final (extra) P4 goods needed for the Structure Reprocessing Plant.  The automatic build for them is working well, and it seems to be noticeably cheaper with regards taxes, only exporting / import P1, and exporting P4.

Something I haven’t mentioned, but I did calculation on was volume. My basic setup of using a launch pad for storage and with two extraction units keeping Four Basic Industry Facilities continually busy, means I must collect the P1 output around once every 3 days.

As I said, the delays are a bit annoying, but I’ve been enjoying the overall effort.  I am really surprised at just how complicated PI (and industry) can get.  All the decisions you have to make, all the tuning and finessing you can apply.  Even how different things are if you are working solo in Empire or as part of a huge Alliance in Null Sec.