The kids have started their new School year, and overnight most of my EVE time disappears into Taxi duties.

I finish off gathering the extra resources using my partially rebuilt PI infrastructure.  It seemed to work OK, particularly in lowering the taxes I pay.

The final required component is manufactured.  The result was slightly strange.  The blueprint copy remained in the build project container after the job was delivered.  I couldn’t interact with it however, and it disappears after a nightly downtime.  I also have some left over Nocxium and Pyerite.  More mistakes in my spreadsheet for me to hunt down.

I find a useful tool online for displaying the manufacturing cost index for a region:


It turns out that Akes is by far the most expensive system to build in across Devoid.

If I was to do this for profit, I would have to move my manufacturing elsewhere.  At this point getting it built safely is more important than saving 10M ISK.

The final process is pretty much an anti-climax.  I have all the components and am good to go.

I start the job.

I wait for it to complete.

Then I deliver it.

If I anchor it, it will look something like this:

This has obviously been more about the journey than destination.

So what do I do next?  Do I build another one to test, refine and hon my processes?  Do I build all the fittings required for it?  Do I start on an Astrahus?

I’m leaning towards the fittings.

Whatever my next step, I’ve been reminded over this project just how important having goals is for solo play.


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