I thought I would look at how I might use and fit the Raitaru if I was to anchor it in space.

One part of my research was to look at the recent activity of Raitaru on zKillboard.



The research was more interesting than expected.

. On average 472 Raitaru were killed each month in 2018. (A total of 5,671+)

. On average Raitaru killed 94 ships a month, with a dismal 1.5% Efficiency

That looks rather dire.


I then went to look at individual losses and kills. To keep it more relevant to me, I concentrated only on High Sec.

. Many of the Raitaru killed had no fittings. I expect owners stripped them once they had war declared against them. I read in several places that you could use a ship scanner on a structure during its vulnerability window. If that is true, why are so many empty Raitaru killed?  Revenge for emptying them?

. Many of the fitted Raitaru had no weapon. On rare occasion there were missiles in their Cargo, which suggests some might have previously been fit.

. Of the fitted Raitaru lost, most had no fuel

. Fitted, armed and fuelled Raitaru losses were in the minority

. There was no evidence of defence in most of the losses

. On very rare occasion a Raitaru was defended by a small gang

. On very rare occasion, a Raitaru defended itself

. Most of the kills were done by between 2 and 4 attackers. Sometimes there could be a dozen or more.

. The most common attacking ships appeared to be Oracle, Talos, Leshak and Vindicator

. The same Corporations kept coming up as attackers

. Many of the modules fitted to Raitaru are expensive. It was clear in plenty of the kills that profit was the motivation / hope


I came away from the research with three thoughts:

. If fitted and fuelled, it is plausible I could defend a Raitaru with two accounts

. Even if I could not save it in the end, I might be able to reset a reinforcement cycle and force the attackers to return with more friends and start over again

. I would need to be careful to limit the value of what I fitted to a Raitaru