I thought I would look at how I might use and fit the Raitaru if I was to anchor it in space.

One part of my research was to look at the recent activity of Raitaru on zKillboard.



The research was more interesting than expected.

. On average 472 Raitaru were killed each month in 2018. (A total of 5,671+)

. On average Raitaru killed 94 ships a month, with a dismal 1.5% Efficiency

That looks rather dire.


I then went to look at individual losses and kills. To keep it more relevant to me, I concentrated only on High Sec.

. Many of the Raitaru killed had no fittings. I expect owners stripped them once they had war declared against them. I read in several places that you could use a ship scanner on a structure during its vulnerability window. If that is true, why are so many empty Raitaru killed?  Revenge for emptying them?

. Many of the fitted Raitaru had no weapon. On rare occasion there were missiles in their Cargo, which suggests some might have previously been fit.

. Of the fitted Raitaru lost, most had no fuel

. Fitted, armed and fuelled Raitaru losses were in the minority

. There was no evidence of defence in most of the losses

. On very rare occasion a Raitaru was defended by a small gang

. On very rare occasion, a Raitaru defended itself

. Most of the kills were done by between 2 and 4 attackers. Sometimes there could be a dozen or more.

. The most common attacking ships appeared to be Oracle, Talos, Leshak and Vindicator

. The same Corporations kept coming up as attackers

. Many of the modules fitted to Raitaru are expensive. It was clear in plenty of the kills that profit was the motivation / hope


I came away from the research with three thoughts:

. If fitted and fuelled, it is plausible I could defend a Raitaru with two accounts

. Even if I could not save it in the end, I might be able to reset a reinforcement cycle and force the attackers to return with more friends and start over again

. I would need to be careful to limit the value of what I fitted to a Raitaru

One thought on “Raitaru.Fitting.Hypothetical.01

  1. Raitaru defenses are rather pitiful, whereas a well fitted astrahus can easily defend itself from an 8 man gang (have done). If you keep it fueled it’s significantly less likely to be targeted. Even in wh space where everything in the structure drops, groups normally only target low power structures. That said, if it is targeted and you predict you can’t defend it you can just unfit all of the mods to only lose the value of the rigs and structure itself. I believe you can still unfit at any point before it would be destroyed https://forums.eveonline.com/t/citadel-fitting-mechanics-when-reinforced-attacked/73243. I find enjoyment in owning my own bit of space in eve, I think you too might like to have your own base of operations.

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