Unless I have forgotten something, the only “offensive” type fitting option left for the Raitaru are Energy Neutralizers.

There are 2 categories – a Standup Heavy Energy Neutralizer and a Standup XL Energy Neutralizer.

The Heavy category has a T1, T2 and Faction option, and the XL category has a T1 and T2 option. The Faction and T2 modules are discounted straightaway due to price.

The Heavy Neut has a range of 100km with a 100km fall off and drains 1,500 GJ every 15 seconds (100 GJ/s).

The XL Neut has a range of 150km with a 100km fall off and drains 10,000 GJ every 30 seconds (333 GJ/s).

In comparison each Neut on my current Curse and Pilgrim fits drain around 30GJ/s on 12 second cycles.

I almost start drooling, but whenever something in EVE seems too good to be true, it generally is.

First, neutralizing 10,000 GJ in one hit seems impressive, but there are attributes on Neutralizers that seem to substantially reduce their effectiveness based on the targets hull size. For the standup modules, this is -10% for Large (Battleships), -42% for Medium (Cruisers) and -65% for Small (Frigates). The standard Neutralizers have similar attributes, but not as impactful.

Second, a 30 second cycle gives your opponent a lot of time to react.

Third, at this point fitting restrictions and capacitor come into play.

While you can fit two Standup XL Neuts on the Raitaru, it limits Capacitor run time to under 5 minutes and cuts out other fitting options.

You can fit a XL Neut with a Heavy Neut. Drain the target’s Capacitor quickly with the XL, then turn it off and maintain with the Heavy. Your capacitor is still in the negative range though, so will continue to drop even without the XL running.

You can fit two Heavy Neuts – which brings your Capacitor run time up to a bit under 15 minutes. That will neutralize around the same as a Bhaalgorn.

At this point the choice is no longer about individual modules – but sets of modules together.

I go through and look at my remaining options.

There are some fitting modules – a low slot Co-Processor Array to increase CPU and a low slot Reactor Control Unit to increase Power Grid.

You also have the low slot Signal Amplifiers I have already mentioned for increasing Scan Resolution and max targets, a mid-slot Capacitor Battery and a low slot Capacitor Power Relay. The Cap Battery is useful in conjunction with the Neuts, but fitting is problematic. There is also a low-slot Armor Reinforcer, which increases Armor by 10%. On paper that doesn’t really seem worthwhile.

Overall the Raitaru (and all structures) are now very much like a standard ship to fit, be it with a reduced set of modules available.

I would really like to fit a Cap Battery with dual Heavy Neuts, but there is no room left over for a Service module, and I need one to place the Raitaru in full power mode.

So, at this point I am tossing up between three possible fits.

One that uses a fitting module in the low slot to allow me to fit a Cap Battery and have more flexibility with my use of Neutralizers (runs everything for 11 minutes).

One with the same fitting module but two Heavy Neuts – giving me an almost everything on and forget run time of 30 minutes.

And one that uses a Ballistic Control System and Target Painter to increase damage but has more limited capacitor (runs everything for 5 minutes).

The third option is my current preference, however next I need to look at Rigs and Service Slots.