Like for a ship, you can also fit Rigs to a Raitaru. Also like a ship (aside T3), once a rig is mounted, you can’t remove it without destroying it.

The Raitaru can fit 3 medium structure rigs.

There are 8 odd types of combat rigs, the T1 medium versions costing 250-350M each. These generally either reduce combat module capacitor use or increase module range.

There are 30 odd types of engineering rigs, the T1 medium versions costing around 650-850M each. These improve Material and Time efficiency in manufacturing and Accelerate or reduce cost of invention and research.

Last there are 11 odd types of Resource Processing rigs, the T1 medium versions costing 650-750M each. These improve reactions, reprocessing and moon drilling.

I discount the use of any of them on a Raitaru due to price. As a solo player, there is very quickly a point where you won’t be able to save a structure, regardless the ISK you put into it. It is a balancing act in helping the process to defend / have fun – while not throwing good ISK after bad.

Unlike ships, the Raitaru also can use Service Modules. The Raitaru has 3 service slots. They require fuel to put online, and then fuel to stay active. When a structure has an online service module they are in full power mode and have more EHP and more Reinforcement Cycles. I.E. They take longer to kill.

The Raitaru can fit a combination of up to 3 of – a Cloning Center (~230M), Research Lab (Standard (~150M) and Hyasyoda (~400M)), Invention Lab (~130M), Manufacturing Plant (~150M) and a reprocessing facility (25M).

Other service modules that exist but are not available for the Raitaru or the location in High Sec include Market Hub, Capital shipyard, Supercapital shipyard, Biochemical reactor, Composite Reactor, Hybrid Reactor and Moon Drill.

The only service module I will really get a practical use of – at least initially, is a Research Lab. There are BPO’s missing from my collection that could add some in game content to source and research. The research labs are also bonused when fitted to a Raitaru. The time taken for science jobs (such as ME and TE research) is reduced by 15%, and the cost for them by 3%. They also cost 25% less to fuel.

From a tactical point of view, I will also fit but not online a Reprocessing Facility. If I had a war declaration with a Raitaru anchored I would online the cheap reprocessing facility, then offline and remove the Research Lab.

The possible variation is swapping one of Heavy Neuts for an XL. Reader Palydin indicated they were Capital neutralizers and were less efficient against Sub-caps as Heavy Neuts are. The statistics in Pyfa suggest otherwise – but it is likely they are wrong. I would test this anyway.

In the next and likely last post in this series I look at what I am hoping to achieve with this structure talk and the alternative structures I would also consider.