I feel odd posting fits on this blog. I use them and know they work for me – but I play EVE in my own way, and that is not the traditional min/max approach normally taken.

Posting about how I might fit a Raitaru – when I haven’t any experience using one was particularly awkward. I was reminded however after going back through the 1,000+ posts I’ve made here, that these types of threads are relatively well received. I guess – while the research and thought process I go through as a solo player might be mundane, there are plenty of people who never get the opportunity to anchor or fit their own structure. They have all that done for them by Corporation Officers.

So – what am I looking to achieve with all this Structure talk?

The building of the Raitaru, and my start on building an Astrahus has been to re-familiarise myself with PI and Manufacturing. Both these areas had changed since I had last used them. While it won’t have been the most profitable ISK per hour possible, it has increased my net worth and been interesting to do. It has been a success.

The next step is obvious – can I use it? It was a step however I would not have previously contemplated. I’ve been very much against structures for solo use. The reasons are still there – they are more expensive than POS, much more expensive to fit that POS, take much longer to anchor and unanchor than POS, are much riskier to unanchor and are more likely to be stolen than POS, will not automatically defend themselves like POS, and cost 110-150+M ISK per month per service module to fuel.

You might be surprised to hear that I think they are actually a great addition to the game. They are just like customisable mini stations that add lots to what Corporations can do and get out of the game. They have just done that by raising the bar / barrier / cost for those who like to play solo without giving alternatives.

There are two things though that have changed for me. The first have been the updates to the War Declaration system. If I want to access that – either as an attacker or defender, I need to ensure I maintain some sort of structure in space. The second is a mindset shift for me as far as ISK is concerned. I have tended to calculate whatever I do in game around risk and profit. I don’t care how much ISK I earn an hour, but at the end of each hour I still want to be in profit. There is no justification from a risk and profit point of view for me to anchor a structure. Now – assuming I have an ISK buffer, interest and fun are more important to me, even if I make a loss on the risk and profit calculations.

So – to ensure a backup for my POCO as a War Dec requirement, and just for the interest of it, I plan to anchor a structure. I will use it initially to update my BPO collection, and then I will probably leave it in low power mode until needed, and consider it burnt ISK.

Researching a Raitaru fit was interesting. 500 DPS really limits what it can do to defend itself. Going through (literally hundreds) of kill mails I know many were destroyed by 1 to 4 attackers. In such a situation, especially if I brought a second character in to support with a heavy battleship, I might pull off a successful defence, but the scope of that is limited.

As part of this process I looked at multiple alternatives.

Raitaru with Hyasyoda Research Lab
-15% time for science jobs
-3% cost for science jobs
~1,040M ISK Fitted
110-120M ISK a month in fuel
502 DPS & 18M HP Full Power Mode

Athanor – disregarded as 250M ISK extra cost over Raitaru with minimal benefit

Astrahus with Hyasyoda Research Lab
~1,470M ISK Fitted
150-160M ISK a month in fuel
2,968 DPS & 27M HP Full Power Mode

Azbel with Hyasyoda Research Lab
-20% time for science jobs
-4% cost for science jobs
~4,350M ISK Fitted
110-120M ISK a month in fuel
2,886 DPS & 54M HP Full Power Mode

Ignoring the higher cost and slower research time, the Astrahus better suits the role of a defendable structure than a Raitaru.

Both the Astrahus and Azbel can use 3 tubes of Standup Light Fighters, which greatly increase their damage output, and the interest in playing around with them.

The Azbel has a lot more HP than the Astrahus and will be the quickest to do BPO research with, but it costs 3B ISK more.

The Astrahus is the obvious choice – but the Azbel had more of a cool factor about it. The problem is I looked at the Azbel killboard statistics. They attract (as you would expect) bigger and more organised attackers, and there were lots and lots of examples of non-economic (no profit to be made) kills. That suggests they are a bigger target for griefing kills. There is also the problem of how I move around an 80,000m3 structure worth ~3.7B ISK without getting ganked?

I will have to think on it.

I wonder if this was anchored for the vista, or as a form of defence – to annoy any attackers who might have to look at that during a take-down.