Burn Jita 2019

Very unusually I had 4 hours today where I would not be interrupted by my family.  I had set aside the time to play EVE, and had a number of specific goals lined up to work on.  In preparation I had even moved a number of characters around earlier in the week, leaving some in Jita so I could make a fast start.

After waving goodbye to the wife and kids I sat down to a glorious morning of EVE – only to notice a particularly inane flavour to the flood of spam in Jita local after I had logged in.  Sure enough – Burn Jita is on again.



I noticed references to it on media feeds recently but had not paid it close attention.  Now I had various haulers loaded with cargo stuck in Jita 4-4, along with a number of key characters who can not jump out without destroying clones they already had in station.

I hastily came up with a Plan B.