Skills on Demand

The latest thing to stir up controversy in EVE is this recently released DEV Blog on skillbook changes.

From the reaction so far, you are going to see it mentioned across the EVE Media sphere.

In short – any skill seeded by NPC’s on the market, will also be available on-demand from your character sheet. The on-demand skills will have an as yet undefined premium added to its price, but it will save you having to hunt down a school system or visit a trading hub to buy it off the market.

Special skills not seeded by NPC’s but found by players through game content – such as the Precursor hull skills from Abyssal Space, won’t be available on demand.

These changes are being introduced in part to make the game a bit easier for new players.

In addition, the pricing of all skills will be reviewed to bring them into better alignment with each other, something that has never really been done before.

I noticed some obvious pricing discrepancies when I was using skill injectors a couple months ago to build up my Alts. I suspect however a review by CCP will end up with skills costing more overall.

There were a couple things about Skillbooks that had a formative impact on my early EVE Career.

When I started EVE, I almost immediately moved out of my school system and flew half way across Tranquility to join a friend in a far-flung backwater. The closest skill books were more than a dozen jumps away in a neighbouring region. I learnt a lot about the game having to travel so far for Skillbooks – including needing to forward plan.

I also made my first Billion in EVE helped substantially by trading in Skillbooks. Grabbing extra skills during my shopping trips and re-selling them on the local market.

While there will be some sort of margin available to resell, it is unlikely to be enough to make it as worthwhile as it used to be.

I don’t view this change as particularly good or bad. While it makes life easier – particularly for those out of High Sec, I’m not sure taking the new player learning opportunity away is such a positive.