Anchoring.01 – a whole lot of warping and waiting

Logic won through, and I decided the structure I would anchor would be an Astrahus. It would be better able to defend itself than a Raitaru, and it had access to Structure Fighters for me to have a play around with.

Configuring it for High Sec was easy – it was just an expanded version of how I would have fitted a Raitaru.

As I think I remarked, if I receive a War Dec the plan is to immediately offline and remove the Hyasyoda Research Lab, and online the much cheaper Reprocessing Facility instead. That would keep the Astrahus in Full Power Mode while lowering the cost of losing it.

It has much more interesting DPS – close to 3,000 depending on the mix of Fighters used, and a couple extra mid slots for ECM (to try and disrupt any attacker’s logistics chain) and a Cap Battery.

My Astrahus build is still ongoing, so I purchased all the fit and the structure itself off the market. The Astrahus I spent a little more on and got one closer to home, to make it a little less risky to move. Most of the rest of the setup was purchased in Jita, and it was all there ready to haul when Burn Jita 2019 kicked off.

Warping into Jita 4-4.

Not only did that mean I had to put my plans on hold and wait out the weekend, it seemed to make the subsequent week more dangerous to haul as extra Gankers were hanging around.

Orca on the move.

The Fittings, Fighters, Ammo and Fuel took up a very large amount of cargo space. I moved it using a mix of my Obelisk Freighter, an Orca Industrial Command Ship, and the Impel and Bustard Deep Space Transport Ships – hundreds of jumps over many round trips, to where my POCO are situated.

Given the state of the Space lanes, I had to carry lower volumes and values than usual and revisited the fittings I was using on all my ships to ensure I was balanced more towards tank.

The process was completed without a hitch, although I felt rather conspicuous moving through gate camp after gate came given the type of cargo I was carrying, and what it inferred. Many of those suicide ganking camps were by organisations I know regularly also take down Hi-Sec Structures. I may come to pay for that down the track.

In the end I had a Corporate hanger full of everything I needed to anchor, setup, arm and fuel my Astrahus.

There is sat for a day. Then another day. Then another.

In the end I had to admit to myself, logic is not the be all and end all. I really wanted to anchor an Azbel instead. It would be faster and cheaper to use for researching BPO, cheaper to fuel the research lab, and have a bit more tank. Mostly however it seemed cooler.