Anchoring.02 – How to execute the change of mind

If I was going to anchor an Azbel, how would I go about it? I had no desire to gather the resources and build one for myself – it would take too long. Instead I checked the contracts and EVEMarketer to see where I could buy one. The cheapest by a margin too big to ignore were in Jita, at around 3.5B ISK.

A packaged Azbel is 80,000m3, which means I must use either a Freighter, or Orca set up to carry Cargo to move it. Carrying 3.5B ISK using either option might make me a target for suicide ganking, and there wasn’t a great deal I could do solo to mitigate that.

I pondered that for a little while – do I move during the quietest times (I see Gankers at any hour), do I wrap it in a courier contract for myself or others, do I use a webbing Alt and just make a run for it?  Maybe I could build one locally for myself after all – but from components purchased and hauled in from Jita? I checked the available Azbel BPC on Contract and worked out the cost of the parts and build fees. It was roughly 3.5B ISK plus a week to manufacture.

So that is what I did. I purchased a BPC and all the main parts and hauled them in safe(ish) volumes and values to Akes.

I thought I was done with Hauling for a while – at least I got to enjoy looking at one of my favourite skins – Spirit.


But I was getting sick of the sight and sounds of Gates


I had so many pauses and interruptions during the hauling


Docking with the final cargo


After what seemed like an inordinate effort across several days, I had safely gathered all the components for my Azbel.

Then with the magic of blogging understatements, it was just a simple case of submitting the job

And (a week later) delivering it when finished.

A suitable solution to the risk, or the burden of the risk adverse?  Whatever – I now had my Azbel.