Anchoring.05 – Turning the lights on

If memory serves me right, when the structure was in the final stage of 15 minutes of repairing, I could dock and take control, but I could not fit it and the Shield and Armour were at zero.

At least that would explain the above screen capture.

Finally, without fanfare, cheers, or anyone else seemingly noticing, 24 hours and 30 minutes after first dropping the Azbel into space, it was anchored and online.

I started by moving in the fittings, consumables and fuel.

Aside from remembering to take control of the Azbel first, you fit it much the same way as you fit your ships. I think that approach works well. Taking control also gives you access to the Ammo Hold, Fighter Bay and Fuel Bay.

Again, I came across something I found a little odd. When I plugged the Research Lab in, it seemed to be immediately put online, consuming the required starting fuel and putting the structure into powered mode. While that was my intended course of action, I had assumed it would initially be offline when I plugged it in. I held off plugging the refinery in, in case it too automatically was put online. (I want to leave it offline until a War Dec.)

So, this was the result as I first undocked from my Azbel once it had an online service and was in powered mode.

My Corporation Logo festooned on either side of the undocking bays, and crowned by my (default) Alliance Logo

So here is Hermitville in all its glory, with the undock alignment working as hoped.

Goal complete, much to my own amusement.

The odd thing about this process is I know that the level of preparation I put into could all be ignored. Assuming you have the ISK, you could just blindly go about it without a care in the world and trust in luck to carry you through to success. That doesn’t seem like as much fun to me.

Now just one last image to finish off this series.

I’ve had a short play around with the structure fighters. Interesting. I’m not sure yet how to send them off to a random area of space to loiter. Actually, I’m not sure about lots of things with them. Another goal to work towards.