Not today

While hauling goods in a Bustard (Deep Space Transport Ship) recently I jumped into a system to find 6 Tornados and several Destroyers sitting on the gate.

I did a quick recalculation of the value and mix of goods I was carrying and thought I should be safe. Regardless, it seemed to take an inordinate amount of time to align and warp away, which I did safely.

Before I had landed on the next gate many of those pilots went criminal, with flashing red skulls against their names. Their chosen victim must have been just behind me.

There have been a lot of DEV Blogs recently, many which I have started to blog on but not had the time to complete the post.

One is about the move to a 64-bit client and DirectX 12, and the possibilities that might bring to the game.

While I am happy enough about the move, I did notice this comment:

“we’ll be increasing then minimum memory requirements for EVE Online from 2GB to 4GB when we release the 64-bit client”

That might impact some players, particularly those with multiple accounts and lower spec hardware.

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