Yet another one

April joined a string of ridiculously busy months.

EVE barely got looked at, aside the obligatory two minutes daily log in to check for War Declarations. I might have managed one PI cycle, and one short BPO shopping trip. Everything else ran down to idle, including one of my training queues.

I think I’ve only had one battle in World of Warships in months. I haven’t done anything in Dungeon and Dragons Online in months. I haven’t kept up with my iPad games for months. Writing anything for this blog has been a struggle for months.

I know it is a common complaint from me – but this year my wife has surpassed all her previous efforts in making our lives unnecessarily busy. It has long since crossed over into pathological.

I have been playing a bit of Minecraft of late – the only gaming I have managed to fit in to my life. I had an odd situation where I stopped having monsters spawning anywhere near my home. In the end I found several waterholes filled to overflowing with water zombies. I used 3 full stone swords to cull just a fraction of them and started having mobs spawn again in the area.

I also managed – just once, to get out and harvest a meal of wild duck.

Mostly however I see no light at the end of the busyness tunnel.

2 thoughts on “Yet another one

  1. I can empathize with you and understand a bit just how you must feel. Just not the part where my life is getting unnecessarily busy by someone you live with. But you have to do the things that help keep your relationship in tact as is. I also don’t know if it’s just part of getting older, more work stuff, shifting interests or what, but i feel i’m getting more busy all the time as well. Gaming seems to be at the bottom of my list in priorities though it’s just one way to relax.

    I haven’t played a new game is years as i seem to busy at other things. But one game did caught my interest recently, RISE OF INDUSTRY and bought and downloaded it last week. But sadly i have yet to play it, but it’s on my laptop. I’m traveling for work which seems to happen allot these days so maybe i get to play it a little when i’m staying in the hotel and just need something to twiddle around with.

    I’ve missed writing about stuff and getting things out of my mind. I don’t think it’s playing games as much and writing about them. Have missed just writing about stuff as a creative outlet, getting better at putting thoughts to paper, about life in general and stuff as it’s happening with my changing interest in things. I’ve been thinking about getting back to some writing, just real life stuff maybe. But when you haven’t written for a very long time, just finding the focus and stillness of mind can seem life a very difficult thing.

    You been going a long time at this man and i hope you continue. I stop by here occasionally, maybe it’s nostalgia but i still appreciate the perspective in reading. I’ve logged int EVE a few times, i can barely recognize things at this point. But you’ve developed the habit of writing over all these years. Whether your focus shifts to other things and time seems lacking, they are all things you can sprinkle around in writing. The hardest thing is restarting a seized engine vs keeping one running that’s well tuned and running for a long time. I know the feeling of a seized engine. But i’m trying…

  2. Did you ever get to play Rise of Industry? I looked at its trailer – but knew I would not have the time!

    I don’t think EVE has changed much in years. It looks like it has, but that is because there have been a silly number of balance changes, plus some new hulls and modules added which you have to adjust for. The underlying game is the same, just with some solo unfriendly structures and some extra high level PVE content. Even though there are differences to how you take ownership of systems in Null sec, really for the most part that mainly impacts Alliance leadership. The grunts follow orders just as they did years ago.

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