EVE’s latest expansion “Invasion” has gone live, with the Triglavian’s moving into known space in a Sansha Incursion type of way.

I was up at 4am this morning with another serious headache, so while I waited for the painkillers to start working I updated my EVE client and logged in. I found myself, well, invaded.

The system info panel was in Triglavian.


The tone of space had gone from a brown yellow to red.


And my Azabel looked different (I think it was being scanned at the time).


There seemed to be only one main thing I had to update in my overview settings – “Invading Precursor Entities”, to see the new NPCs. There were also some asteroids that may (or may not) have turned up with the same update.


You also get this pop up when you undock – and I assume also when you move through impacted gates. That suggests you might not be able to ignore an invasion as you can – for all intents and purposes, Sansha Incursions. In line with this I noticed people commenting about Triglavians camping gates.

I did not engage any of the NPCs I came across – simply as I don’t know what impact negative standings might have. Similarly I did not engage the NPCs from my Azabel. There were some NPC frigates flying around the stations scanning things – but I left them alone and they appeared to leave me alone.

My home system was a Perimeter System – 2 jumps out from the Foothold system. Systems 1 jump out are called Adjacent systems – and are apparently more dangerous. The Foothold system is the most dangerous.

I stayed logged in for a while – watching the invasion chat channel and local.

Some of the locals attacked Frigates on a station and had extra NPCs warp in on them. The suggestion was this little engagement was very difficult to solo, with the pilots having to warp out or dock up to save themselves.

Mostly however I was left in the system alone. Whatever content was available in a Perimeter System didn’t seem to be attracting many players.

I noted you could salvage the NPCs once killed – although it was remarked several times it was more lucrative to loot the destroyed player wrecks instead. It was also commented at one point that Concord still turned up to destroy a Suicide Ganker.

While flying around I happened across this fleet in a belt:

16 Frigates, 4 destroyers and 2 cruisers.

I was almost instantly locked and had them close range at 2K+ m/s. I warped out ok, but they had closed a lot of distance in a short amount of time. Knowing some of them scram, I can see how easy it could be to lose a ship.

About 15 hours after the expansion went live the status of the invasion in my area changed:

“The World Ark is no longer detected”.

I’m not sure if they managed to complete the invasion.  Whatever changed, it did not clear the NPCs quickly.

There were apparently public fleets of up to 40 operating in the Foothold system.

So, some mild excitement.

I’ll have to wait to hear / see / read some of the feedback on just how interesting and well balanced CCP has got this.


6 thoughts on “Invaded

  1. If the Trig ship has “anchoring” in the title – it will scram out to 10k’s for 2 or 3 points. The Tangling ones web, Shining paint, Blinding sensor damp, Ghosting guidance and tracking disrupt. Most of them will remote rep each other. If I saw that on my overview I would be getting out of there very quickly as you did. Do we know if they pod yet?

    • Good to know regards “anchoring”. Not sure about podding – but I haven’t noticed any on the killboards, or complaints about it in the invasion channel.

  2. I roll my eyes every time CCP puts something new in the game and assumes players will get the word, go into the overview settings, find the new thing (not always easy), and add it to their overview.

  3. I learned that these Triglavian ships are not as dangerous as my internet latency issue my area is having. I was flying my Obelisk through the affected systems, and I would be attacked as I was aligning to the next gate. No problem because as soon as they webbed me I was helped into warp. However, internet went out while in warp, and when I was able to log back in, I was sitting at the next gate with 60% structure remaining.
    How is it these damn Trigs know how to attack my internet? 😜

    • Now if they bring down alliance voice comms and head shot FC’s…

      I noticed Industrial ship kills by the Triglavian’s on stations and wondered if CCP had gone as far as implementing Hi Sec Station and Gate Camping aggressive NPCs.

      Boy will there be tears.

      Glad you didn’t lose your Obelisk.

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