They are back

The Triglavian’s are back in my home system – which is again a parameter system to another invasion.

The various official news feeds for EVE suggest these invasions will have ramped up over the original ones. I had wondered if we might end up with different sorts of Drifter invasions of varying strengths, but the Agency interface doesn’t seem to differentiate.

I suspect with each iteration the invasions will get harder and more impactful, until we end up with more high level PVE unavailable to or ignored by most.

There are also references and suggestions in various EVE media that these invasions do or will end up attacking player owned structures in High Sec. I wonder if they only attack if the structures attack them first, or only if the corporation has bad standings against the Triglavians, or if they attack regardless. I wonder how much damage they do. Could you lose your structure in one of these invasions?

Goodness – the tears that would bring.

I’ve already noticed haulers being killed by Triglavians on stations and gates, and your route planner specifically highlights systems under invasion and advises you of their danger. You ignore them at your own peril.

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