In October 2016 I decided I wasn’t really playing EVE or making use of my multiple accounts or pilots.

To simplify things, and as a step towards quitting the game, I decided to move close to Jita, amalgamate and sell off lots of my assets, and go back to a single account and fly a single pilot. Become a real, proper hermit.

At the time I had some 475M Skill points across my accounts and pilots. I stripped / extracted the maximum skill points I could off all my Alts, and bio-massed most of them.

Some of my Alts had skills that my Main pilot did not. Some of those I did not want to lose access to – so I used some of the extracted skill points to inject and train them up on my Main. This was a costly conversion of only 150K injected for every 500K extracted. Everything else I sold.

By the end of November 2016, I was left with a main pilot with a couple million more SP than he would overwise have had, a couple Alts with a wide range of skills but very low skill ranks, and enough ISK to purchase and fit multiple Titans.

In November 2018 I had to admit the solo pilot game was a failed experiment. I had found the game much less enjoyable without having a second account and some half competent Alts to muck around with. The relatively healthy bank balance had added nothing to my game, and even though I was enjoying playing less now, I still had not got to the point where I was ready to quit.

So, I decided I would use all the ISK I had gained from extracting skill points back at the end of 2016 to buy Skill Injectors and set up a party of new alts. I introduced them back in January of this year.

I was very fortunate that CCP was giving out Absolute Injection Augmentor Boosters during the 2018 Christmas celebrations. These allowed me to use Skill Point injectors without the normal loss for diminishing returns for higher SP pilots. That made a huge difference.

In the end I spent all the ISK I had gained from the skill extractions, and as of now am sitting on 375M Skill points spread two paid accounts and 7 pilots. As I remarked before, it has been a very expensive failed experiment (to the tune of losing 100+M Skill Points).

Of the 375M Skill points I have, 17M were yet to be allocated to skills. (Most of these were on my Main Pilot – Elmis).

I find having too much ISK, and too many unallocated Skill points is a negative to my game play. There is less motivation to undock and do things that might earn you ISK, and you lose some of that anticipation and reward from training new skills when you can just instantly train them if you want.

So – I have been trying to work out what to do with those unallocated points. As I remarked in a recent post, my Main pilot can fly every hull, fit every module, and perform every in-game action that I need them too. As there really wasn’t anything I needed to train, I went looking for what might amuse me.


Some of the only ships I can’t fly in game are Titans. I investigated what prerequisites I needed for the hulls, and any of their specialised modules. One of those covered the skill required to get into a Flag Cruiser, so I added that as well.

I then went and spent the following:

Skill Books:

Amarr Titan, 6B ISK
Caldari Titan, 6B ISK
Gallente Titan, 6B ISK
Minmatar Titan, 6B ISK
Fleet Command, 35M
Flag Cruisers, 65M
Spatial Phenomena Generation, 200M
Burst Projector Operation, 20M
Doomsday Operation, 250M
Doomsday Rapid Firing, 250M


Skill Points:

Capital Ships from IV to V, 2.95M SP
Amarr Titan to III, 0.13M SP
Caldari Titan to III, 0.13M SP
Gallente Titan to III, 0.13M SP
Minmatar Titan to III, 0.13M SP
Wing Command from IV to V, 1.68M SP
Fleet Command to III, 0.10M SP
Flag Cruisers to III, 0.06M SP
Spatial Phenomena Generation to III, 0.08M SP
Burst Projector Operation to III, 0.06M SP
Doomsday Operation to III, 0.11M SP
Doomsday Rapid Firing to III, 0.11M SP

The result was my Main pilot Elmis can now fly all the ship hulls in game. It is highly unlikely he will ever fly a Titan, but technically he can.

I then looked for all the skills Elmis was missing, and spent more on some of the low remaining fruit:

Skill Books:

Sovereignty, 500M
Triglavian Quantum Engineering, 52M
Triglavian Encyrption Methods, 59M

Skill Points:

Sovereignty to III, 0.06M SP
Mass Reactions from IV to V, 0.42M SP
Advanced Mass Reactions to III, 0.06M SP
Triglavian Quantum Engineering to III, 0.04M SP
Triglavian Encyrption Methods to III, 0.03M SP

I think that leaves a total of 9 in game skills he does not have. 8 are specialization skills for T2 Capital Weapons. 1 is the Science skill Astronautic Engineering, which is not used, not sold by NPCs, and is a rare collectable selling for 40+B ISK the last time I checked. That one I won’t worry about.

It will take around 12M Skill points to get all 8 missing specializations. I think I have around 10M left unallocated. I don’t want so many unallocated skill points, but I am not sure being able to use T2 Capital weapons amuses me enough. I will have to think about it.

I will say that none of this feels like an achievement. While I can sort of justify in my own mind the extraction and reallocation of Skill Points and ISK, there is an underlying sense that my Main pilot is tainted. Less pure. In the end however, it is up to me to play the game in whatever way I find fun or amusing. I also don’t mind the idea that the old Alts I had developed and trained for so many years have ended up supporting my Main pilot one last time.

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