Down to 0

I used up all the unallocated skill points on my main pilot Elmis.

They allowed me to pick up all the Capital Weapon Specialization skills to rank 3.

That moved me to having 445 of the 446 skills currently in game. The exception as mentioned, is the unused Astronautic Engineering.

Another thing ticked off.

The next logical step is to ensure I can use all modules and charges in game.

I picked up the ability to use T2 Siege modules and have 44 days of training left to use T2 Fighters, and an additional 33 days to fit T2 Triage Modules.

I think that is it – 74 days of training to cover everything. (I suspect there will be some obscure things that I have not considered.)

At that point Skill Points will have very little impact on my Main Pilot. It will mostly just be covering off mastery certificates and making the skill list look neater by making sure everything ends up at Rank 4 or 5. That last goal – getting all the new Hull and Capital skills from rank 3 to rank 4, will take some 300 days.

Interestingly my 275M SP is only around half of the maximum Skill Points you can train, which is somewhere up around 500M. That means with a little more care, you could get to the point of flying and using everything in the game with less than half the possible SP trainable.

Then I logged in after downtime and caught the start of the Season of Skillpoints event.

I got a further 275,000 SP on my Main Pilot. That dropped me from 41 to 35 days of training for T2 Fighters.