44 to 19 and other bits and bobs

. I’ve collected the week of free Skill Points and Boosters. When it started I had 44 days of training to achieve Fighters V. At this point I should have had around 38 days left, but after applying the free points and using the boosters my training time is down to 19 days. A worthwhile “Freebie”.

. CCP is having a small “Share your EVE Battlestation” contest on its Social Media Platforms.


I entered a current photo of my home setup.  There were some extra impressive entries so this won’t win – but it keeps me amused anyway.

I think since I’ve last posted a photo I’ve..

  • Added a Steelseries XL RGB QcK Prism mouse mat.  A bit gimmicky, but it is of a nice thickness and texture, works well having both keyboard and mouse together, and I like being able to colour match everything
  • Went through an expensive process to replace my mouse.  Tried a Corsair Scimitar Pro but did not like how the side keys felt under hand.  Then tried a Steelseries Rival 500, but kept mistakenly pressing some of the side keys.  In the end settled on a Steelseries Rival 310, which I am happy with
  • Installed a Boss-tab Flex Arm Twist Tablet Holder.  The idea was to get my iPad out from under piles of paper and magazines and into a position I would be reminded to use it.  That has worked out really well.
  • Removed the last mechanical hard drives from my PC.  I had a couple 4TB Western Digital Black Mechanical Hard Drives, but the drive cradles in my Corsair case were a bit flimsy and they would start annoyingly vibrating after a while.  I am now using only M.2 and SATA SSDs.


. There have been a number of long but interesting articles about why the Blackout won’t fix Null Sec stagnation.  They mostly focus on changes needed to Capitals and their Super variants.  Worth a read:





. While most people happy about the Null Sec Blackouts seem to be focused on fights being easier to find, I wonder if part of the goal is to reduce the ISK being generated in Null Sec?  NoizyGamer had a very interesting look at the NPC kill volume the weekend before the Null Sec blackout, and the weekend after.



. Senior Community Manager CCP Falcon seems to be a particularly strong supporter of removing Local.  He has rallied an echo chamber of supporters every time he has spoken on the topic – while quietly alienating other parts of the community he is meant to be managing.

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