At least there is plenty to blog about

More bits and bobs from my blogging scrapbook.

. A while back I tried to purchase a small stockpile of structure fighters. I found very few on the market, and most of those remaining were at substantial mark ups. I had the same issue with some of the Structure fittings. Throughout this year I keep coming across items in much lower supply than I would have expected, and so at much higher prices. Today I noticed Orca hulls were selling for over 900M in Jita. Something doesn’t feel quite right about the situation.

. I have started to listen to the Hellmar/ Falcon / Goodfella interview. Their tone hasn’t been as gun-ho as I had feared. Wilhelm Arcturus said it well in his post on the podcast:

“.. This could be a watershed moment for the game .. Or it might have been the online equivalent of a late night drunken dorm room discussion in college, a metaphorical circle jerk of “wouldn’t it be great..” .. How seriously should we take this interview?”

. The thread for feedback on the Blackout changes broke the Forum. It hit a hard limit of 10,000 responses and a second thread had to be opened. CCP Falcon said the feedback was polarising – it was either loved or hated. Doesn’t that make them a little nervous? It does me.

. Speaking of me – the vibe I got from some of the earlier podcast answers was disquieting. There was the touch dismissive “we will see who survives and who doesn’t” response, mixed in with “we get lots of newer players trying the game”. The impression was if they could just work out how to get the newer players to stay, it wouldn’t matter if unhappy veterans go.

. One aspect I have not liked from the feedback is the suggestion that they would like to push the blackout to Low Sec as well. Why would you go to Low Sec then? You might as well be in Wormholes or Null Sec. I would much prefer a clear differentiation between each area of space. Something like Hi-Sec with Concord and Local, Low-Sec with Local and security loss, NPC Null Sec with Local, Null Sec with no-local unless installed by residents, WH space with no local.  Of course that might just be my risk averse side speaking.  I wouldn’t bother entering a Low Sec with no Local.

. Speaking of risk averse, they were asked if they plan on catering a bit for those so included in this chaos approach. The awkward response suggested that they thought the players would actually be more adaptive than what people suspect and would just keep playing.  Again the feeling I got was if they did not adapt, oh well, the new version of the game might attract a better type of player.

. The Nosy Gamer did another interesting post regards average user numbers and NPC kills since the blackout. Well worth a read. We need to see the impact over a longer period of time, but the initial change seems massive:

. I’ve been logging in 6 or 7 pilots a day in High Sec. I undock each pilot, go kill exactly the number of NPC’s required to get their free SP, then dock and log off. I suspect this is proving to CCP the success of their blackout.

. It is very early days on this year or two of chaos. At the moment it all feels like a gamble. The game has stagnated. CCP are going to make the game great again, or break it trying. I don’t want them to fail – but I fear the outcome.  Is this chaos extremely well thought out, considered and planned?  If CCP stuff this up, I don’t think any backpedalling will heal the fatal wounds they could inflict.  I sure hope they get it right.

Swinging sticks

The latest Dev-Blog is out – detailing large increases to in-game sales taxes and broker fees.

The maximum taxation you will pay in NPC Stations with no standings or trading skills has increased from 5 to 10 percentage points. That is not a subtle difference.

The degree this will impact you will of course vary. Your trade skill effectiveness will increase (by almost 19%), but overall at a minimum you will pay an extra 2.25 percentage points taxation in NPC structures (from 3 to 5.25, up 75%) and an extra 1.25 percentage points taxation in player owned structures (from 1 to 2.25, up 125%).

The feedback thread on this is interesting.

Just what is CCP trying to achieve?

Some point out that the biggest percentage point impact will be on alpha and low skill characters, however I don’t really buy that argument. Technically it is correct – but what is a couple percentage points on the price of a standard T1 frigate?

It will impact traders. It will impact players when they buy and sell items worth hundreds of millions. It will impact those buying and selling PLEX in volume.

Are they trying to push more of us to use Citadels instead of NPC stations for our market sales and purchases? How did that work out last time? If it did work this time, wouldn’t that risk giving more money to the Perimeter cartels?

Personally, I never sell out of a Citadel, and I never buy unless I am docked there. This won’t change my mind.  In fact, the cries to change or remove the asset safety mechanism see me even less inclined to do so.

Is this just an effort to take more ISK out of the game?

Do we have our next weekly “Ooo Chaos” change?

Who knows?  CCP didn’t think it important enough to provide context.