I have been playing Kills for Skills each day on 6 of my 7 pilots.  It works OK if there is an anomaly I can cycle each of my pilots through, otherwise it can be annoying trying to find enough NPC’s in the asteroid belts.  On a small number of occasions I’ve done something more during a session and extended my time in game thanks to being logged on anyway.

On July 17 I mentioned I had started training Fighters V – a 44 day process.  Between all the skill point handouts, I completed that training on August 7th, a saving of 21 days.  I am now working on Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration V, a 33 day skill.

A Porpoise and Retriever working together

2 thoughts on “Skilling

  1. I set out to do this daily with five alts just to see how it would play out. Three are on Alpha accounts, two on my Omega accounts. After a few days of trying to bounce around belts and such, I sent the alphas off to level 1 security agents and just grab a mission for them every day to do this. That made things easier. But now, two weeks in with two weeks left to go, I am starting to feel like this event is running too long. It is starting to feel like a slog. I know you don’t have to do it, but if you have an Alpha at the 5 million SP cap, this is a way to get some skills beyond that, so some people will do it every day, even if it gets tedious, lest they miss out on this month long opportunity.

    • I have thought about mission running – but the old habit of ensuring my alts have no standings to the major factions (to allow them to join corporations without related impact) dies hard. I guess that is not really important any more.

      You are right – this will feel very old by the time it completes.

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