The deluge of Cyno nerf related commentary continues.

I wonder what CCP sees in the feedback.

Do they just see the happy people – an echo chamber reinforcing their own biases?

Do they just see the unhappy people – is it a worry or just a bunch of whiners?

Do they find the very rare thoughtful comment and consider modifying their plans?

Or do they just see the Chaos they feel is so important?

I see toxicity.

I’ve remarked before that if CCP’s changes are polarizing – with those very much for or very much against, then CCP have probably got it wrong. Their best changes are those that leave no one particularly happy, and everyone looking at the multiple choices they have in how best to adjust.

In this case we have some very happy players – and in amongst those seem to be plenty who go out of their way to goad, troll and enrage other players to quit the game. The comments across blogs, forums and social media are full of them. Emboldened, and seemingly supported by CCP’s communication strategies.

As I said – toxic.

One of the things I was working on recently was to again own Capital ships. I thought I might try to take down a low sec custom office with a Dread or try again to set up a base in Low Sec and use a Carrier to move ships and supplies in and out.

This was an option available to me as a solo player that I’ve made use of many times before.

The new requirement to use a 200M+ Ship to open a 10-minute Cyno is effectively out of my budget. I only play casually and currently would not make enough ISK in a month to replace one Cyno ship loss.

CCP seems to really be disconnected from all the different sorts of players it has and their average incomes.

One of the things I completed today towards my goal of trying to get out of High Sec more was a PC Hardware upgrade. It was in the works before learning about the Cyno changes. The issue I have which keeps me out of dangerous space is a long black screen I get when undocking from stations. It leaves me visible, lockable and attackable for 10+ seconds before I see anything on my screen.

In addition, over this year various Windows and EVE Client Updates seem to have perceivably degraded the performance while running two EVE Clients at the same time, with the unfocused client often stuttering.

I would need a solution to both before advancing my plans.

The PC is heading towards two years old but is still a reasonable spec with an i7-8700K CPU and 32Gb RAM. The CPU is a 6 core 8th gen running at 3.7GHz (turbo to 4.7Ghz). The OS and EVE clients run off an M.2 drive and everything else off SDD’s.

The slowest component were the dual GTX 1060 6GB Graphic Cards. They were getting on a little, but were still well above CCP’s minimum system requirements, and equal to their recommended configuration. They did seem the logical area to update.

So today I swapped one of my GTX 1060 for an RTX 2060 SUPER. I plugged my two 4K monitors that I run my EVE clients on into the new card, and it stopped all the stuttering and related performance issues I was getting.

It did not however help the black screen undock in the slightest.

I also went to Display Port connections on all 4 of my screens. Windows 10 still doesn’t like mixed resolutions (2x4K, 2xFHD), but it was made worse when my screens sometimes came online in different order. I’m hoping this will be a little better now.

So I continue to amuse myself, while trying to ignore the growing doubt that CCP is getting all this Chaos right.

4 thoughts on “Stuttering

  1. I enjoy your blog and your always thoughtful comments. I’m also a mostly solo player, but I am enjoying the changes. Before I had little chance to kill things in null with local and intel networks unless the other guy was afk or made a mistake. I also believe citadels and caps were strangling the game. I agree with you that CCP is hurting certain play styles, such as yours. On the whole, however, I applaud their willingness to shake things up considerably. The game needed that. I hope and believe CCP will fine tune some of these changes in ways that will help players like you. In any event, keep going and keep blogging. o7

    • I don’t disagree with the concepts behind most of the changes. I just don’t think CCP have been as smart as they should have been about them. The result might be less targets for you to hunt in the long run.

  2. Hi. Solo player here, For me the problem now are the industrial side of the things. Because similar issuesto you (Nvidia 1050) foe me enter in area of trig invasicion is similar to enter Ueada in top hous. Not practical, not safe, not rewarding in terms of game played. For me and anothers, feel as a “ransom to pass”, or pirates in high sec. When the changes begin i was are 10 accounts for the vitations. Now i plan to get only three and for the training. I go to pass to two or three characters training, and one of them is for selling in some months.

    The echo chamber is true, and the puppet accounts remind me other games where the developer studio employees use puppet accounts to talk with themselves.

    I not rat in null sec or any area; not use rorqual lately (then was an experiment). I spent last years 2100 USD at least, but as an industrial and miner, not much case to undock with trigs atacking barges/orca in not invaded systems, taxes changes (for sell) and the systems locked for trig invasions more than two months, is a no brainer.

    Era of chaos look as era of unsubs to me.

    • I fear CCP is concentrating on making the game fun for one type of player – at the expense of everyone else. I hope they get some sort of balance right in the end.

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